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Google Classroom Integration

Quizalize and Google Classroom

Making teachers lives easier and providing tools to help every student achieve are both high on our priority list.  That is why Quizalize has been working with Google to integrate into Google Classroom and make signing up and syncing grades that much easier.

Sync your classes and assign straight into your student’s Google Classroom stream. Have all the amazing Quizalize features easily integrated into the classes you already have.

I know what you are asking, why not just use Google Forms?  Of course, we think we have multiple benefits over just using forms, below are a few:

1. In classroom team game for greater student engagement.

2. Tagging questions to skills in curricula for richer insight on what each student requires help with. This feeds the subtopics page, teacher mastery dashboard, and Zzish Insights.

3. Differentiated follow up activities based on quiz performance


Signing up

Step-by-Step-Quizalize (Google Classroom)

If you are new to Quizalize or it’s old hat, above we have a step by step guide showing you all the great benefits of signing up and linking your current account with Google Classroom.

For the more visual:


Syncing your account:

If you already have a Zzish account you might not automatically be synced to Google. In order to connect, go into your account settings and click “Sync with Google Classroom”.




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