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Unlock the power of AI with the new Quizalize Smart Questions & Review

AI for teacher - Smart Quizzes

If you’re new here, Welcome! We at Quizalize are on a mission to help YOU make a difference to each and everyone of your students. We create epic whole class quiz games, smart quizzes with built in personalization, and instant mastery data that helps you address learning loss in every student. 

Smart Quiz

Here at Quizalize we have seen first hand the incredible and transformative way that AI can impact your teaching and your classroom. Our new features, Smart Questions and Smart Review, make it feel like you have your own virtual assistant, giving you a personalized teaching approach for each and every one of your students. 

So, what is a Smart Quiz?

A smart quiz essentially uses Chat GPT and AI to create quiz questions, answers, hints and explanations in seconds. It saves you time and is personalized to each student. 

Smart quizzes also possess Mastery Mode, which replays questions that students answered incorrectly until they answer them correctly. As well as this, our Smart Quizzes use student personalization which gives different students different resources to study depending on their measured mastery of a topic.

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Smart Questions

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During the quiz, Smart Questions use hints and explanations to help the student arrive at the correct answer. Smart Questions turn you, the teacher, into a virtual tutor using a friendly chat interface. When your avatar pops up, students can feel that they are having a private conversation with you. If they get a question wrong, your pre-determined hints will help them guess correctly. If the student guesses incorrectly a second time, your explanation will pop up and help the student learn where they went wrong. 

It’s such a powerful way of providing a personalized approach to teaching in the classroom as the students each get individualized help as and when they need it.

Smart Review

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Our Smart Review feature allows students to review their answers at the end of the quiz. For each question they answered incorrectly they have the opportunity to learn and find the correct answer. This is through our familiar guided chat interface with you as the virtual teacher. No more boring quiz reports! 

For each question, the student is given the option to ask you for hints and explanations as they attempt to master the concept that the question is testing. This is another wonderful way of maintaining a personalized teaching approach with your little virtual assistant by your side.


We could discuss the benefits of Smart Questions and Smart Review all day long, but here are some final few pointers.

  • Using our newest Smart Quiz features allows you to quickly and effectively assess learning loss. The hints and explanations from your avatar will begin to fill in the learning gaps and help your students progress. 
  • Smart Questions and Smart Reviews could help improve a student’s confidence in the classroom. Students can now ask for help without other students knowing, meaning they avoid embarrassment and can learn, grow, fail, and succeed without the added pressure of other students knowing.
  • Smart Review may be useful if you don’t have lots of time in the classroom. The students could do the quiz in school and then complete the review for homework at home. 

We are so excited about these new and innovative features and we really can’t wait to hear your feedback. Let us know which works best in your classroom. Smart Questions or Smart Review?

What are you waiting for?! Try our Smart Quiz for free today!!

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