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Stour Academy Trust & Quizalize (Case Study)

Quizalize & Stour Academy Trust

How the Quizalize Pilot Program resulted in 86% of teachers from the Stour Academy Trust, a Multi Academy Trust based in the UK, more effectively identifying who needed help in the classroom. Plus, 100% of their educators would recommend Quizalize to their colleagues and leaders.

Who is Quizalize?

Quizalize, powered by Zzish, is a British EdTech company that provides educators with epic whole-class quiz games, smart quizzes with built-in personalisation, and instant mastery data that helps schools and educators address learning loss in every student.

Who participated in the case study?

The Stour Academy Trust is a network of eight primary schools that aims to transform education from rote memorization to fostering critical thinking skills. They achieve this through interactive methods and technology that personalise learning for each child. Technology is a tool, not the main driver.

Stour prioritizes creating a collaborative learning environment. Teachers are empowered to take risks and develop new practices to meet the ever-changing needs of education. They do this by focusing on interactions that develop emotional intelligence and a love of lifelong learning. Strong relationships between teachers and students are key to this approach. Collaboration is central to the Stour philosophy, allowing everyone to learn from each other and achieve their full potential.

Why join the Quizalize MAT Pilot Program?

Despite its highly innovative approach, Stour Academy Trust wanted to boost its digital learning environment and ensure its educators had access to an engaging platform that transforms assessments into a fun learning experience. This platform had to combine effortless quiz creation, engaging games, and clear, easy-to-use data to help teachers make a difference to each and every student.

Proposal, Solution & Main Goals

We have approached Stour Academy Trust and proposed a two-week pilot with 10 teachers from multiple schools. All educators would receive specific challenges to accomplish while the pilot was active, and Quizalize would provide metrics and success rates for each stage of the pilot program.

Main goals:

  • Help teachers save time

Creating quizzes

Marking and grading

  • Help teachers engage students

Team-based classroom quiz games

On-device classroom quiz games

  • Help teachers personalise learning

Identify each student’s learning gaps

Deliver adapted activities or resources



How to active the Quizalize Pilot for your MAT or School

Interested in running the Quizalize Pilot Program? Get in touch with us today to start your journey toward outstanding results.

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