I mentioned in my previous blog the effectiveness of Kahoot! and if you have found that to be great fun and engaging with the students, I think you will find Quizalize to be as equally effective. Quizalize is very similar to Kahoot! in terms of looks, appearance, and game play with the main difference being the fact that Quizalize allows for students to compete in teams. Students join the quiz and they are automatically assigned to a green team or the red team. Once the quiz begins the students must work together to discuss and answer the questions. The team who answers the questions most accurately and in the quickest  amount of time will be the winners.

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Transformational Teaching Ideas

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Quizalize is a new diagnostic assessment website hat provides children with a fun and engaging way to learn. Quizalize goes one step further than just being your average quiz website, it provides teachers with in-depth data to analyze their children’s strengths, weaknesses and learning gaps instantly. It not only caters for the main subjects such as Maths and Science but it is versatile and can be used across all subjects.

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Quizalize: Turn Assessments into Fun Classroom Quizzes

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Quizalize is a fantastic way to turn quick classroom quizzes into exciting multi-player games. You can create a quiz on any subject you want – from algebra to zoology – or use one of hundreds that teachers have already created in the Quizalize Marketplace. Students can take the quiz on any device with a browser – laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You can all play in class together, or you can set a quiz for homework, and the quiz is marked automatically.

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