Create a World Book Day Quiz for your class and win $100 in book vouchers!


Have you planned any activities for World Book Day with your class yet? World book Day brings stories out of a book’s pages and into life! So why not inspire imagination and help your class get creative with an interactive classroom quiz? Celebrate in your class by creating a World Book Day quiz in Quizalize, […]

Check Out Our New Team Game: Hoops!

If you are looking for something new and fresh to engage your students, why not try turning a formative assessment activity into a super fun basketball game? Hoops allows your students to play a game of basketball against the computer. As students complete an activity, they will score points for correct answers and no points […]

How This Teacher Made Assessments and Studying Easy with Quizalize

In the last few years, I have used apps to help myself and my students prepare for assessments. It is difficult to find an app that is versatile, provides students with feedback, and gives teacher support. Quizalize does a great job of providing formative assessments as either a game or an assignment. Furthermore, it provides […]

Interactive Formative Assessments: The Secret To Optimized Learning

The Importance Of Interactive Formative Assessments Unlocking wonderment in subjects is essential to the mastery of tests and memory retention. Where traditional pedagogy is failing to properly engage the young generation of digital natives, interactive formative assessments might just have the answer to both optimized learning and teaching. Schools and education authorities are constantly looking […]

Using edtech apps has been a ‘game changer’ for one teacher looking to optimise time spent reviewing

Marking – a mundane if necessary part of the role of teaching. One report identified it to be the single biggest contributor to a teacher’s unsustainable workload. Assessment of student performance in tests is clearly crucial to spotting individual learning gaps and addressing weaknesses that can be strengthened through targeted exercises and practice. And while […]

Quizalize & Zzish Professional Development

If you’re looking for materials to spread the word about Quizalize then you’re in the right place! Attached are some PD slides that you can use during your presentation, as well as a teacher guide that you can distribute to teachers! Click here for PD slides. Click here for a Quizalize Teacher Guide.  

Teacher’s Competition

We are giving away a $50 Amazon voucher to the teacher who can create the best Quizalize feedback video! In this video we would like you to answer the following questions: How has Quizalize helped you and your students? How has Zzish helped you and your students? How has Quizalize and Zzish made you a […]

New! You can now play Kahoot and use the data in Zzish

You can now launch and play any quiz from Kahoot straight through the Zzish platform. And after your class is done you can import the data and use all of our great dashboards to analyse the data. To begin you click add activity. Now you need to add an activity from our app store*, in […]

Formative Assessment Tools for Teachers

‘Quizalize is a very good classroom quiz tool. This tool allows teachers to create fun classroom exams or homework. Teachers can see the results live and easily spot students’ strengths and weaknesses. The process to create a quiz is simple and easy. After you log in to your account (registration is required,Quizalize is free for […]

Technology is turning ‘boring’ maths into a subject that captivates

How a new breed of edtech apps are bringing maths out of the doldrums with engaging mobile gameplay Maths – an academic discipline often deemed (by children and adults alike) as one of the blandest necessary evils of the national curriculum. The traditional methods often used to teach the subject have done little to challenge […]