Quizalize features a new dashboard integrating Zzish

By David Kapuler Quizalize is a fantastic learning tool for educators to create game based learning quizzes.  What separates Quizalize apart from similar sites is the detailed reports generated as well as how easy it is to differentiate instruction and see how each student or class is doing on any given topic. Also, Quizalize features […]

Quizalize: quando i quiz in classe diventano un gioco

  Ancora una risorsa per la gamification in classe. Si tratta di Quizalizestrumento progettato per creare quiz basato sul gioco. Ciò che contraddistingue Quizalize rispetto a servizi analoghi, sono i report dettagliati che vengono generati e la possibilità di differenziare e personallizzare le proposte verificando in tempo reale come ogni studente o l’intera classe sta […]

Video Feedback Competition

We recently launched the new Quizalize which now provides teachers with much more student insight using Zzish. To celebrate the launch of this, we are giving away a $200 Amazon voucher to the teacher who can create the best Quizalize feedback video! In this video we would like you to answer the following questions: How […]

Quizalize – Create Interactive Review Games

There is certainly not a shortage of interactive quiz platforms available to teachers today. Platforms like Socrative and Kahoot have turned boring review activities into fun games that students want to play all the time. The trouble with those platforms is that to get the most out of them all of your students need to […]


“TRACK LEARNING, EASILY” Vini from Quizalize contacted me this week to tell me about how they have now connected to the student tracking site called, Zzish. This makes Quizalize much more than just a way of making online quizzes as you will see. What follows is from Vini, then there is a short TopTenTeacher review. […]

QUIZALIZE — онлайн конструктор интерактивных дидактических викторин

Quizalize — ещё одна увлекательная онлайн платформа, которая напоминает Kahoot, Socrative, Triventy, Quzizz и другие онлайн конструкторы интерактивных тестов. Как и в упоминавшихся программах, учащиеся отвечают на вопросы тестов на своих ноутбуках, планшетах или смартфонах, перейдя на сайт Quizalize, введя свои имена и код класса. Click here to read more!

ICC TLC – Instructional Technology

Quizalize is a free and fun way to engage students while reviewing materials for your course. Compatible with computers, tablets, and mobile phones, Quizalize allows teachers to assess their students in class by turning quizzes into games, projecting live results with a game view for students and individual progress tracking for teachers. On Quizalize, teachers are […]

One dashboard for all your activities

By Vini Bance I believe that real teachers should not be spending hours on end completing complex data tasks. They should have more time in class, with students and a healthy work-life balance so they can genuinely enjoy their job. Would you agree? As a former teacher, now working with Zzish, we have spent the […]