New Feature: Individual Student Reports

You all already know that Quizalize turns assessments into fun classroom games and also makes teaching easier with its incredibly clear dashboards. Our mission is to provide real teachers in real classrooms by transforming data that comes out of classroom apps into Really Useful Things You Can Use To Teach. To achieve that we have […]

Data on student performance

The gameplay experience in Quizalize isn’t what makes it stand out. Like the others, you can create questions and answers and deliver them to your class. Like the others, there are existing games you can search and use. (Quizalize uses a marketplace model where you can offer your Quizalize games to others for a fee a […]

Will you Quizalize your Class Progress?

I learned of  Quizalize when they followed me on Twitter (thanks, Quizalize, btw!). Intrigued, I headed to the site to check it out. It was very easy to make a new quiz. Click the + New Quiz button and you’re on your way. Add multiple choice questions with a few features — a range in timing […]

Quizalize has a kid-friendly and colourful interface

By Jenny Shen Quizalize is an online platform for classroom polling and assessing that can be accessed by computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Teachers can create quizzes to test students’ knowledge in the classroom, then see the results propagated in the Teacher Dashboard through data reports. Quizalize can be integrated into Zzish, a popular learning app management […]

Quizalize. Platform to create games and quizzes

Quizalize is a great online tool to easily create questionnaires form of games to submit your pupils or students. This platform offers a system based on games and challenges around questionnaires to learn by playing. A real success. Your students will thus try to answer in class or at home to quiz you create and […]