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Quizalize passes the test with Students at Dog Kennel Hill Primary School

On Tuesday 17 March, Zzish had a session at Dog Kennel Hill Primary School where a class of 9 students played a Math Quiz on Quizalize. Mr. Ross Orton, the teacher, provided the quiz examples, which then got processed in order to be used by Quizalize and ready for the students.

After being given the instructions, the session finally started and students found it quite exciting, given the fact that they have never experienced a quiz on the tablets before. To them, it seemed like a game, which was encouraging as well.


Having the chance to track students’ progress in real-time gave the teacher a unique opportunity to observe each student’s performance. During the test, teacher took the time to explain questions to each student individually and found it really helpful for them to understand the points they had missed during the class. The live board of the scores also gave students motivation to try harder in order to achieve higher rank, which will ultimately be both practical and educational.

As the students found the quiz similar to the other activities they had on tablets, they asked for more quizzes and liked the fact that they were learning and practicing in the same way as playing games So far, students were registered with their name within Quizalize and it wasn’t possible for them to attempt a quiz several times. But, based on their feedback, we decided to enrich this feature as more attempts will lead to a positive effect on finding out the weaknesses and learning from the mistakes made.


The teacher suggested a couple of features we’ll implement – to have a hint system and encourage students to gain hints scores and save them for the difficult ones by answering correctly on the other questions. Moreover, having a full report of the students’ performance in the class will help teachers review the whole activity and find ways to improve the average of the class.

Finally both teacher and students believed the product was definitely worth giving a try and the students asked if they could play quizzes at home on their devices and their teacher promised them to create weekly quizzes and continue with the sessions. Overall, we can say that Quizalize passed the test with flying colours.

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