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Two on Tuesday… Review Programs and To-Do Items

I personally have tried Quizalize. I created a quiz and once it was ready, a code was provided. Students use that code to play the game; students do not login but are asked to provide a name when taking the quiz. In Quizalize, students work at their own pace, are provided the correct answer if they are incorrect, are given a complete summary of their answers (and the correct ones as needed) at the end, and can replay games (making this an option for home review as well).

At the same time, if used in class, Quizalize randomly assigns students to teams so there can be a group competitions as well. Teachers can create their own quizzes or use premade ones (choices are limited), choose how long students have to answer questions, and are given feedback based on the results including both individual student mastery levels and results overall by question. This would definitely be a fun way to review content!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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