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One dashboard for all your activities

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By Vini Bance

I believe that real teachers should not be spending hours on end completing complex data tasks. They should have more time in class, with students and a healthy work-life balance so they can genuinely enjoy their job. Would you agree?

As a former teacher, now working with Zzish, we have spent the last few months working super hard with our teacher community to create this new platform that will allow you to do so much more in a short amount of time. From this week you will be able to set your various student activities all in one place and see complex data in an easy way.

The real power of Zzish lies in the progress view. This enables teachers to compare any two tasks and see how much their students have improved.

We aim to save teachers the time it takes them to plan tasks and analyse class results as we have made both these processes super simple.

We no longer want to see teachers overloaded with paperwork. We want to help you be amazing teachers that get stuck in and truly enjoy teaching. As for the all the complex stuff, we’re here to help!

View the improvements your students have made today! Simply login to Quizalize and go to your classes.

We look forward to hearing your views about our new teacher dashboards.

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