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Quizalize has a kid-friendly and colourful interface

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By Jenny Shen

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Quizalize is an online platform for classroom polling and assessing that can be accessed by computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Teachers can create quizzes to test students’ knowledge in the classroom, then see the results propagated in the Teacher Dashboard through data reports. Quizalize can be integrated into Zzish, a popular learning app management system that many teachers and schools might already be using.


Quizalize has a kid-friendly and colorful interface that is easy to use and intuitive. When creating quizzes, teachers can go beyond the typical question-and-answer options; they can also pick from different lengths of time for students to respond, add explanations, and categorize questions within a quiz under specific subtopics. It is also possible to add images and equations to the questions, making it easy to incorporate Quizalize in any classroom subject. Quizalize also allows users to randomize the question order to mix things up for students, and to project it on interactive white boards to allow teachers to click through the quiz directly on the board.

Teachers may also be happy to know that Quizalize provides a great deal of product support right off the bat. It offers a guide, tutorial video, and demo quiz to get newbies started. Teachers can handpick already-made quizzes by other educators in the Quizalize Marketplace, or they can feel free to create their own. The Marketplace is searchable by topic, and offers both free and paid quizzes for teachers to use—usually 99 cents a piece..


One of the biggest challenges for teachers who want to use quiz platforms and other learning technologies that require each student to have a device is, of course, the accessibility of the devices themselves. But Quizalize accommodates that by offering the interface through as many different kinds of devices as possible. Another potential barrier is that although the basic Quizalize functions are free, the whole school package will cost money, which might prevent school administration from being eager to universalize it across all grades and subjects. Teachers might also be hesitant to pay for quizzes made by other users, as it might just be easier to make one from scratch—something that doesn’t make Quizalize feel as open source as other online learning systems.

Our Takeaway:

Quizalize is a great way to integrate a trackable form of formative assessments into any teacher’s classroom. The interface holds all students accountable to respond to questions, and the way the system amasses results, and thus data, will help teachers who are mandated by administration to provide evidence of student learning or areas for improvement on a regular basis.

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