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Teachers use classroom basketball game to improve student engagement

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In a recent survey, we asked our teachers to share their thoughts and experience of Quizalize and Zzish to help us gain an insight into how our apps ARE INCREASING STUDENT ENGAGEMENT in the classroom. 310 teachers responded and what amazing results we have had!

Survey Results

Overall, 77% found our Zzish teacher dashboards helpful when trying to understand the progress of their students while 68% of teachers found that using our dashboards reduced the time it previously took to make, issue and mark formative assessments. With extra time on their hands, teachers found that they were able to get back their free time outside of the classroom to re-energise as well as reorganise classroom time to ensure that all their students were receiving a quality learning experience. Out of those surveyed, 78% found that using Quizalize has increased student interaction in the classroom, with many teachers telling us how much their students love our basketball game-view of Quizalize, HOOPS. In fact, nearly 50% of all teachers found that their students preferred to use Quizalize than any other formative assessment tool, with one teacher stating that on a night before a test, students are already emailing her to remind her to use Quizalize as a pre-assessment tool!

What’s even more exciting is that 67% of participating teachers attributed improvements in student performance solely to the use of Quizalize in class. With teachers re-energised and students regaining a love for learning, it’s fantastic to see that Zzish and Quizalize are making such a big impact in the classroom and on student engagement.

We at Zzish are excited to see further results as our platform continues to grow and we are grateful for all the feedback you have given us. Using your experiences and comments, we hope to continue to deliver the best formative assessment tool to schools all around the world.

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