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Digitize your Chemistry and Physics Lessons!

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Teaching science can be exciting and engaging for students, especially when visualising scientific concepts with hands-on and interactive experiments. However, underpinning these observations are important theorems and formulae that students are required to learn. These academic and theoretical elements of science pose a  challenge for teachers as they attempt to engage students who often find these concepts dull and difficult to grasp.

Quizalize offers teachers an innovative solution to this problem by bringing chemical and physical formulae to life in an interactive class team game. Teachers can create quizzes which assess students’ knowledge with questions which include almost any scientific formulae.

Unlike most digital tools, math mode in Quizalize makes it easy to create multiple formulae with subscript or superscript. And if you’re feeling inventive you can even create molecular diagrams!

Are you a creative chemistry teacher? Click here to learn how to write chemical equations in Quizalize.

Or if you’re a prominent physics teacher discover the various formulae you can create if you click here.

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