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What Teachers Say About Quizalize

We recently surveyed thousands of teachers who use Quizalize. 98% said they would recommend Quizalize to other teachers. We also had some amazing comments which we’d love to share with you. (Please note: for data privacy reasons we didn’t collect teachers’ names and schools.)



It has been a huge blessing to my class. Many students do not study for test, but Quizalize makes the process fun and interactive. In return I have students who pass test instead of fail.”

It’s a great tool for review and assessment. It’s fun and engaging for the students. It’s easy for you to see who needs help and what students need help with.”

Engage your classroom and deliver instant assessment for personalized learning!!! Quizalize helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your students!!”

The data is astounding and very informative. It will help you differentiate for your students, letting those who are excelling to move on while knowing which ones need more practice/reteaching.”

It is a great program that lets you either create your own quiz or choose from pre-made quizzes to help your students learn. Students enjoy it and it is useful in helping identify each student’s weakness in specific areas.”

“When my students use Quizalize to review they usually increase their test score by at least 10%



It makes formative assessment seem like a game and kids enjoy it a lot”

Quizalize is a fun way for students to learn information in a game setting. Students can take the quizzes as many times as needed to gain the knowledge of what is being taught. Plus you get feedback on individual students in real time. It is a great tool for you and your students.”

Fun, interactive game, easy to access and for kids to play. Great way to assess students in an engaging way!”

It’s a fun review game that allows students to work at their own pace, instead of waiting for everyone else. It still provides the level of competition that motivates many high school students to try a little harder and do better.”

A great formative assessments tool. Students enjoy playing and are answering high level questions. Teachers have the option to set a timer for each question, play as teams, and more. I really like the mastery function.”

It is a fun, different way to review and determine whether students are mastering information.”



It’s a way to get my students to study at home and do homework – without calling it homework.”

It makes homework fun, easy to set and no need to grade questions.”

The greatest feature is you can set it up as homework and can set for kids to have multiple attempts for practice.”

The homework feature let’s me check for understanding to help students master content.”

“I love the ability to control how long the quiz should be active and to assign it for homework. It really helps to motivate students to study in the days before a test, rather than right before it.”



The hard work has been done for you. The kids love it, and they are eager to learn new things to be successful in the competitions.”

Easy, quick, connects with Google Classroom, immediate feedback, connects with Quizlet”

Easy to create your own quizzes to use as formative assessments to identify struggling students.”

Easy to use, already has teacher-created quizzes, no need for students to have accounts.”

Great program that lets you create the questions. Students answer and get instant feedback and an emotional response. Students are more motivated and challenged as well as compete with each other.”

It’s a wonderful and fun learning tool, that is easy to create.”[/col]




It is a great tool for teachers to use to track student progress and determine immediately which students need help before moving on. It also helps to assess differences between teaching strategies between teachers of common subjects.”

It is useful in creating intervention and enrichment groups using the reports on ‘Who needs help’ and ‘What we need help on.'”

I can get instant feedback on what my students need to be successful.”

I think it’s good for the students to get the immediate feedback in a non-threatening, anonymous way publicly, even while I can zero in on mastery individually.”

I use the data in many different ways. It saves time because you don’t have to grade student responses.”

Instant data and results to make improvements helps with student participation and engagement.”


We’d love to know what you think, too! Just let us know in the chat window in bottom right corner of Quizalize or via our Contact Us page


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