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New! Exclusive ‘Created by’ feature for team members

created by filter in the quizalize marketplace

At Quizalize our Team Memberships are designed for groups of individuals, entire departments or whole schools. Team Members benefit from a host of extra features and a substantial membership discount.

Our latest addition to the suite of Team Member features is our new filter: ‘Created By’.

What is Created By?

Specially designed for our Team Members, the ‘Created By’ feature has been added to the filter options at the top of the Resources page. 

The ‘Created By’ filter allows teachers to find every public resource ever created by all other teachers within their Team.

‘Created By’ filters resources first based on the organization the Team Member (User) belongs to, allowing the user to browse content created by all teachers in their organization.

The filter also displays the first 10 teachers in their Team, allowing a user to select a single teacher to browse within that teacher’s public library specifically.

The ‘Created By’ filter only reveals publicly shared resources, meaning confidential or restricted documents will remain so.

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