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Top 5 Reasons Teaching Assistants Are Rockstars In The Classroom!

teaching assistants

Teaching assistants are important players in the classroom setting. While teachers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring their students learn the topics and curriculum to the best of their abilities, teaching assistants support the teachers AND the students to ensure the core learning objectives can be met and that education is delivered effectively and efficiently.

Students need a safe, nurturing and happy learning environment in order to fully excel. With class sizes surpassing 30 students to one teacher, teaching assistants are crucial in the running and delivery of learning. They play a vital role in supporting the teacher and making sure students get the most out of their time in the school.

Whether inside or outside of the classroom, teaching assistants are unsung heroes in the classroom. Here we explore our Top 5 reasons why teaching assistants absolutely rock!

1. Maintaining an Optimum Learning Environment:

Teaching assistants are in charge of the classroom. They set up the activities and materials before the students arrive, and ensure after class that everything is stored, in order, ready for the next day’s classes. This results in well organised classrooms that students feel comfortable being in, nurturing a safe environment where ideas and thoughts can be shared in a safe space.

2. Constant Formative Assessments:

Teaching assistants are with the students all throughout the class, watching them learn, helping them solve problems, providing solutions and observing how each student is progressing. This insight is valuable, and when communicated to the teacher at the end of the class provides a form of constant formative assessment that the teacher would not have the time to collate were they on their own.

Quizalize is a tool for formative assessment that teachers and teaching assistants can use to view real-time data on student progress, attainment levels and to set personalised learning journeys. When a teacher has the help of a teaching assistant AND Quizalize, they truly do have superpowers!

3. Classroom Management:

A teacher on their own may struggle to manage an entire classroom’s behaviour. Teaching assistants are able to support the teacher by answering student questions, motivating and encouraging students and offering additional support to students with specific learning needs. Students can grow to trust their teaching assistant and feel reassured by their constant support and presence, resulting in increased concentration and positive behaviour in the classroom.

4. Extra Set of Eyes:

One teacher to 30+ students cannot see everything going on in the classroom. Teaching assistants provide an extra set of eyes and ears, meaning problems such as bullying can be identified sooner and handled appropriately. This is beneficial to all children and provides a level of safety that a teacher on their own may not be able to provide.

5. Parent-Teacher Relations:

Teaching assistants play an important role in multiple relationships. Student – Teacher, Parent – Teacher and Student – Parent relationships can all benefit from a classroom where there is a teaching assistant. They act as communicators, mediators and facilitators. They are truly an invaluable piece in the classroom environment.

These are just five reasons why we think teaching assistants are rock stars in the classroom! Do you have any others? Please share them with us in the comments below – and join us celebrating these unsung heroes of the education sector.

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