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Zzish breaks UK EdTech crowdfunding record: £2,900,000 total raised!


We are delighted to announce that, following the close of our recent crowdfunding campaign, Zzish is the most successful EdTech company to ever raise investment on Crowdcube! The funds raised will allow us to improve our flagship product Quizalize and deliver on our mission to give teachers around the world the superpowers to personalise their teaching to every student.

This round closed on £988,827 raised:

Bringing our total crowdfunding total to a staggering £2,900,000. By engaging our community of global educators we have been able to break crowdfunding records and expand our investor community into new international markets.

We are so excited to hear of this record-breaking achievement, and would like to thank all 811 new shareholders who joined our ranks during this recent round. These 811 new investors are from a huge 58 different countries! This global reach demonstrates our flagship product Quizalize is universally recognised and endorsed by an international community.

Zzish is a UK startup with a truly global product and vision:

Quizalize is currently sold in 77 countries and has users in 170 countries. Our international product Quizalize is currently sold in 77 countries and has users in 170 countries. Our international product is growing in reach every day, across customers, users and investors, and we can’t wait to see the growth we can achieve in 2022. Most recently we have been working with the Philippines government to take Quizalize into thousands of classrooms in Bataan province. Indeed, we can quickly scale Quizalize into any global market to provide fun and effective formative assessment technology for any subject and any grade level.

What makes Quizalize so unique:

It combines a fun classroom quiz game experience that students love, with smart data and tools that enable teachers to instantly personalize their teaching to every student. The result; every student gets exactly the right help for them to progress fastest. Struggling students are given targeted support to ensure they don’t get left behind and able students are stretched so that they can learn and achieve more. By combining gamification with data science, Zzish has made personalised learning a reality in classrooms today.

Thank you to all of our new shareholders and all of our existing and new customers and users. Quizalize is a product designed for everyone, and seeing how it is being viewed and used globally is wonderful to witness.

£2.9million raised on Crowdcube and the number one EdTech venture to ever crowdfund on the platform…stay tuned to see where we will take Zzish and Quizalize next!

New to Quizalize? Get started for FREE here and experience our record-breaking product for yourself!

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