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Top 5 Winter Solstice Quizzes!

winter solstice

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, where the night is longer than the day and in some parts of the world, the sun doesn’t rise.

But from this day forward, the days start getting longer, marching us into the New Year.

In the Southern Hemisphere the reverse is true. The Northern Winter Solstice is the Southern’s Summer Solstice, where the day is longer than the night!

We have hand-picked our Top 5 resources for you and your students, to learn more about the planetary movements and multi-cultural traditions in regards to the Solstice! Here are our Top 5 Winter Solstice quizzes:

Earth’s Movement In Space

By Onyemachi Okoronkwo

Winter Solstice Quiz

By Quizalize Current Events

History of the Earth Video

By Heather Lechiara

The Moon and the Earth

KM Dailey

Astronomy: Earth in Space

By Gwyn Bixler

Quizalize has over 16,000 Winter Solstice quizzes and resources ready for you to start enjoying in your classes! Already have an account? Log-in and start collating your resources now!

New to Quizalize? Get started for FREE now. With the days getting longer and the nights getting shorter from now until the Summer Solstice on June 21st 2022, why not use these precious daylight hours to get quizzing!

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