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Five Benefits of Using Fun and Engaging Quizzes in Tuition Centers Online Classes!


The current climate:

Covid-19 has disrupted all tuition/enrichment centres. With more students studying at home and more parents exercising caution at sending their children back into in-person learning, Covid-19 has disrupted all tuition/enrichment centres around the world have had to adopt online and hybrid learning models to accommodate restrictions brought about by the global pandemic.

In spite of online classes being just as effective as face to face studies, parents often struggle to justify paying full price for these types of lessons and don’t see the full value they can offer. Parents need to feel assured that their child’s online learning will deliver the same academic results as in-person lessons, and tuition centres need online tools that ensure these academic results can be delivered.

The solution:

The market has several options in this field, including Kahoot!, Quizizz  and Quizalize. While all three offer online quizzes, Quizalize also provides tutors with rich, real-time data insights into student mastery and learning gaps. Not just a fun and engaging tool, Quizalize is serious about data too. Add to this the functionality for automated differentiation and you have the best of all worlds, in one online solution.

For companies that need a branded experience and a student self-paced mode, Quizalize Learner is a ready-made and affordable solution that is helping tuition centres to attract, retain and satisfy both parents and students. Developed by Zzish, the UK-based EdTech company that counts 500,000 teachers and 10 million students as customers, Quizalize Learner makes onlines classes a fun, engaging and social experience for children. 

Download ‘Fun and Engaging Online Classes for Tuition Centres’

Our free white-paper provides in-depth detail about how our unique gamified functionality and powerful data-insights can game-change your market offering, along with a real-life example of Quizalize Learner in action.

Online Quizzes during Covid-19: The Lifeline of Singapore’s Tuition Centres

Watch the replay of our live webinar!

Covid-19 has changed the education landscape across the world. In Singapore’s tuition centres specifically, the use of online quizzes is a lifeline you can employ to retain your customers, exceed your customers’ expectations and attract more customers too.

In the webinar we present real-life case studies, from tuition centres in Singapore to big publishers like Oxford University Press in the UK, showing you exactly how other businesses have used online quizzes to safeguard their livelihoods.

Your Hosts:

Dr. Charles Wiles

Zzish CEO and Co-Founder Charles Wiles will be hosting the live event, bringing you all his expertise.

Charles is ex-Google, holds an MBA from London Business School and a Ph.D. from Oxford University, and built the Quizalize Learner engine from the ground up.

Choy Tsoi Kern

Choy is a Singaporean NIE-trained education expert; she has received multiple awards in teaching throughout her tenure and is passionate about using technology to help students improve academic outcomes and metacognitive abilities.

Currently, Choy is on a scholarship to pursue her Doctor in Education specializing in EdTech and learning sciences.   

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