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Quizalize Games are coming…

Turn any quiz into an epic classroom game!

We are super excited to announce that this August we will be launching Quizalize Games!

Quizalize Games are a selection of dynamic and fun game overlays that work in conjunction with all your regular Quizalize quizzes. Students work through their quizzes as normal, except now they can be motivated by, and enjoy, a variety of games layered over the top of their usual quizzes.

The result? Happy students who WANT to take more quizzes – cementing their attainment levels.

Quizalize Games is launching with six flagship games:

  • Battlerzz. Journey to a Medieval fantasy land and prepare for the most epic of battles. Set to an enticing soundtrack with epic battle arenas, only the bravest of warriors will triumph in Battlerzz.

  • The Adventures of Kleo the Koala. The Cosmos is under the rule of the evil Under Creatures. Five brave creatures, led by Captain Kleo the Koala, band together to find The Keys of Light and return light to the Cosmos once more.
  • Bearzz. Who loves throwing tomatoes at bears?! Get answers right and earn tomatoes to throw at your losing opponent. Get answers wrong? Prepare to be tomato-ed!
  • Hoopzz. The classic Quizalize game Hoops is back-but better. The ultimate baskteball game has had an upgrade; now you can choose from more teams & decide once and for all who is the best at Hoops.
  • Rockzz. Experience this classic arcade game and make sure your classroom spaceship will not be lost in the asteroids. A correct answer shoots a rock and gets your class closer to an epic high score. Guaranteed arcade retro fun for your students.
  • First to the Flag. A Quizalize classic game where teams race to answer questions as quickly as possible and get to the flag, becoming the true First to Flag champion.

  • Leaderboard. Another classic Quizalize game. As students answer questions correctly they will climb to the top of the Leaderboard. Try the brand new team mode.

And this is just the start…we will be adding more games to the Quizalize Games library every month!

Players for each game range from two – 100, with a selection of team-based games able to accommodate up to 50 teams!


We are so excited to share Quizalize Games with you in August 2022! We’ll see you in the Games…

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