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Kleo the Koala and The Champions of the Cosmos – The Backstory

The Adventures of Kleo the Koala

You’ve played the Quizalize Game ‘The Adventures of Kleo the Koala’ – now it’s time to explore the backstory that inspired the character Kleo the Koala and the game that students around the world are loving playing in their classrooms.

Introducing…The Champions of the Cosmos!

Since time began the Under Creatures ruled the Cosmos. They made dark and evil rules that kept the thousands of creatures that called the Cosmos home silent and afraid. They did not let the creatures have a voice: they caused havoc by fulfilling their selfish goals and left all the creatures alone to suffer.

But one day not so long ago, a remarkable event occurred. While the Under Creatures were all asleep, five brave creatures met under the cover of darkness to find a way to remove the Under Creatures from power once and for all, bringing light back to the Cosmos. 

News of these five brave creatures’ meeting spread amongst the planets and creatures who called them home. Whispers of hope got louder, and a sense of unity began to form between the creatures of the Cosmos.

In a secret vote, held in the dead of night while the Under Creatures all slept beneath the ground of the Dark Planet (their home), every creature voted for who they wanted to represent them in this quest for light. When the votes were counted it was revealed that the original five brave creatures had been voted for unanimously: these five creatures became The Champions of the Cosmos.

The Champions of the Cosmos was formed to represent a peaceful collaboration between all creatures in our Cosmos and beyond, with the sole mission of taking power from the Under Creatures and bringing light back to the Cosmos. 

And which brave creature was voted to lead this quest, from darkness to light?

Kleo the Koala - now known as Captain Kleo the Koala.

The Champions had no time to waste. The Under Creatures would be awake soon, and they have spies all over the Cosmos listening out for murmurs of an uprising.

Kleo and her squad boarded a space ship immediately after the secret vote and blasted themselves into the deepest pocket of space, so they could formulate a plan of attack. They quickly realised their best hope of restoring light to the Cosmos was by visiting worlds and planets across the Cosmos and finding the Keys of Light, the most powerful forms of light that hid themselves for protection when the Under Creatures came to power.

The quest ahead is dangerous, with no room for mistakes. 

Are you ready to join The Champions and help them unearth The Keys of Light?

Now you know how Kleo and her band of brave creatures became The Champions of the Cosmos, it’s time to play The Adventures of Kleo the Koala!

It’s super easy to play The Adventures of Kleo the Koala in your class. Here are the three simple steps you can follow to get up and gaming in your classroom today:

  1. Login to your Quizalize account as normal
  2. Create/assign a quiz for your class as normal
  3. Select the game you want to play from the dashboard and hit ‘Start Quiz’

Done! Super easy and quick: you can be up and gaming in less than 60 seconds!

The Game overlay will display on your screen at the front of the class, while the students complete their quiz assignment as normal. 

Excited to play Quizalize Games in your classroom? Check out this sneak-peak of Kleo in action:

Ready to start gaming?

Just login to your Quizalize account and follow the simple steps above. Simple!

Not yet a Quizalize member?

We’ve got you covered! Join Quizalize for FREE today and you can be gaming in minutes.

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