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New Football Game ‘Goalzz’ Has Arrived!

Goalzz football game

There’s a new football themed Quizalize Game in town…and it goes by the name of Goalzz!

Goalzz is a team versus team football game that is ready to take the World Cup’s football fever and channel it into a super fun and engaging educational experience. Students can pick from more than 30 nationalities to play as and be transported to The Stadium as they answer quiz questions correctly and help their team advance in the game.

The best bit? After teams have answered enough questions correctly, their teams will take part in a penalty shoot-out and score GOALZZ!

New Goalzz features!

We have a whole host of new Goalzz features that we are certain your students – and you! – will love. Our new features include:

  1. New goal replays and match highlights at the end of the game
  2. The added ability to choose mixed, men’s or women’s teams
  3. The ability to choose from even more national teams that have kits set automatically
  4. The extra function to randomly pick a national team

Now there are more reasons than ever to play Goalzz in your classroom!

Did you know you can unlock more than 10 different balls to play with in Goalzz?

From our extra-special World Cup ball through to an ever-growing catalogue of footballs inspired by flags and national colours from countries all over the world, these balls are sure to add some extra excitement to your classroom.

Teacher Mohammed in Bahrain

Playing Goalzz in your classroom is quick and easy to facilitate. Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Create, import from Google Forms or choose a quiz to assign to your class
2. Select ‘Goalzz’ and turn your quiz into an epic football game
3. Display the game play on the big screen while your students answer the quiz on their devices

Done! You are all set to deliver your students a dynamic and fun-filled learning experience all the while collecting the rich data on every student we know you love.

Ready to play Goalzz in your classroom?

Goalzz is available for all Quizalize Teachers to play for FREE! Not a Quizalize member yet? No fear! You can sign up to your free Quizalize account here – and access over one million teacher-created resources – in less than a minute.

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