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Top 10 Football Quizzes, from Sports Math and Science to LGBTQ+ Sports History

Top 10 Football quizzes for your classroom
Our football game Goalzz is now live and we are excited to let you know we have produced an entire catalogue of football quizzes to support the football fever in your classroom!

From sports math and biology to LGBTQ+ sports history, World Cup vocabulary to FIFA Maths exercises, our football-based resources are sure to garner hat-trick levels of excitement from your students.

Football quiz

Check out our Top 10 Football Quizzes:

1. World Cup Vocabulary I
Football quiz

2. 2022 FIFA World Cup
Football quiz

3. FIFA World Cup History
Football quiz

4. LGBTQ+ Sports History I
Football quiz

5. FIFA World Cup Biology
Football quiz

6. FIFA World Cup Physics
Football quiz

7. World Cup Vocabulary II
Football quiz

8. FIFA World Cup Maths I
Football quiz

9. FIFA World Cup Maths II
Football quiz

10. LGBTQ+ Sports History II
Football quiz

Our football curriculum is perfect for playing with our new Quizalize Game Goalzz!

Goalzz is a team versus team football-bonanza where your students compete in teams to score Goalzz in epic football matches. Your students can pick from over 30 nationalities to play as and have epic fun in the classroom as they learn while scoring penalties and helping their team clinch the win.

Have you played Goalzz in class yet?

Don’t just take our word for it! England Lioness Rachel Daly is excited for Goalzz too!

England Lioness Rachel Daly sent us a video message about Goalzz – and about a truly epic competition we are running to celebrate the launch of this exciting new football game. Want to hear what she has to say?

Ready to play Goalzz in your classroom?

Goalzz is available for all Quizalize Teachers to play for FREE! Not a Quizalize member yet? No fear! You can sign up to your free Quizalize account here – and access over one million teacher-created resources – in less than a minute.

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