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LGBTQ+ Sports History Classroom Quizzes

LGBTQ+ Sport History Quizzes
Our football game Goalzz is now live and we are focusing on LGBTQ+ sports history, diversity and inclusivity in sports content to help support the football fever in your classroom!

We have an entire catalogue of World Cup and football-themed quizzes ready and waiting for you to play in class, with topics ranging from football physics to World Cup vocabulary.

Within this catalogue of resources are our quizzes on LGBTQ+ Sports History, an important addition to any classroom that can help foster an environment of understanding, respect, diversity and inclusivity between students.

Want to find out more about our resources promoting diversity and inclusion?

LGBTQ+ Sports History I Quiz

LGBTQ sports history quiz

This ten question quiz includes questions about The Project to Eliminate Homophobia in Sport, USA soccer-superstar Megan Rapinoe and gender-discrimination in sport. The content is informative, educational and thought-provoking. By including this quiz in your classroom you are making space for discussions around important topics, and providing a safe and inclusive space from which to do so.

LGBTQ+ Sports History II Quiz

LGBTQ sports summit

This quiz educates students on The LGBTQ Sports Summit and brings athletes from throughout history to the podium, shedding light on the environments surrounding their sports careers. The perfect follow-on from the first quiz, these nine questions will allow your students to learn more sports history while also learning about inclusion, equality and equity.

Have you tried out our football-based quizzes alongside our new game Goalzz?

Goalzz is a team versus team football-bonanza where your students compete in teams to score Goalzz in epic football matches. Your students can pick from over 30 nationalities to play as and have epic fun in the classroom as they learn while scoring penalties and helping their team clinch the win.

Ready to play Goalzz in your classroom?

Goalzz is available for all Quizalize Teachers to play for FREE! Not a Quizalize member yet? No fear! You can sign up to your free Quizalize account here – and access over one million teacher-created resources – in less than a minute.

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