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Quizalize Resources – E-books, white-papers, research papers, infographics…

Quizalize Resources

The Quizalize Resources page offers an exclusive section for educators, publishers, and corporate training leaders to access a wealth of valuable resources, including e-books, white-papers, research papers, and beautiful infographics. These resources are designed to be easy to digest, making it a quick update for educators, content creators, and HR professionals to stay informed without feeling overwhelmed.

For Teachers & Educators

Quizalize is an engaging quiz platform that provides teachers with crucial feedback on student performance, and Zzish Insights collects all the data from Quizalize to produce real-time reports for school administrators.

For Publishers & Content Creators

From East to West: Publishing fairs from around the world bring together publishers, authors, agents, and book lovers to showcase the latest trends in the industry.

The Four Trends from The Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2022 You Need to Know. From the growing importance of podcasts to the increasing focus on sustainability in publishing practices.

The Five Trends from The London Book Fair 2022 You Need to Know. From the growing demand for non-fiction content to a shift towards sustainability and a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Formative assessment is crucial and critical to student success. But have you ever considered the benefits of digital formative assessment? How about turning textbooks into a digital formative assessment tool?

The publishing industry has been weathering some sizable shifts as of late. The increasing cost of print materials coupled with decreasing print sales have resulted in the need for new solutions to ease…

For Work (Corporate)

Hands up if you’ve ever had to work through dozens of pages of printouts when starting a new job? Training should not be boring, and we can help you to increase engagement. Download it now.

The classroom and the office are not so different after all! Here are five lessons that businesses are taking straight from the classroom – and using to give their workforce a competitive advantage.

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