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Blockerzz Gold Rush – Multiplayer classroom quiz game

Blockerzz Gold Rush - Multiplayer Classroom. Quiz Game

Blockerzz Gold Rush takes the classroom quiz game experience to the next level! In this new addition to the Blockerzz metaverse, all your students will play together in the same world, competing to collect the most coins. With this thrilling gameplay, Blockerzz Gold Rush is sure to engage and excite your students like never before!

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How does it work?

Blockerzz Gold Rush - Multiplayer Classroom. Quiz Game

The game begins with up to 100 coins scattered throughout the world. When a student answers a question correctly, the coins become visible to them for 20 seconds, and they must race to collect them before their peers do.

Once a player finishes the quiz and the coins go invisible for the last time, the game ends for that player. The final score boxes will appear, displaying the student’s score and rank. However, the rank is not final yet, as other students may still be playing and may overtake the student. This means that the student’s final score is set, but their rank can still change.

At this point, all coins become permanently visible, and the student can still collect them. However, they won’t score any points when they collect a coin. On the bright side, they can now fly and explore the Blockerzz world freely while waiting for the other players to finish. It’s a great way to wind down and enjoy the immersive Minecraft-inspired world.

Create or find a quiz and assign it today to your classroom:

Blockerzz Gold Rush - Multiplayer Classroom. Quiz Game
Blockerzz Gold Rush - Multiplayer Classroom. Quiz Game

We believe that Blockerzz Gold Rush is the world’s first and only multiplayer 3D world classroom quiz game, which makes you and your students global trailblazers.

Want to know more about other ways to play Blockerzz Gold Rush? Check out our help page (coming soon)

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