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Teacher Appreciation: Laura Hall (MS, USA)

Teacher Laura Hall - Quizalize

This month’s Teacher Appreciation goes to Laura Hall. Teacher Hall teaches Spanish and French and has been doing so for 27 years. Her teaching duties are divided between a brick-and-mortar school in Iuka, Mississippi, and an online program affiliated with Booneville High School in Booneville, Mississippi. The online platform enables her to reach students from various regions within the state. Presently, she is exploring the exciting possibilities of AI and its potential benefits for her students. Eager to incorporate AI tools within Quizalize, she plans to showcase its advantages to fellow world language teachers during an upcoming workshop. This will mark her second presentation on Quizalize, reflecting her commitment to sharing innovative educational resources with her colleagues.

Having the ability to add standards that actually fit my classes and have data to show my students’ growth is great.

Teacher Laura Hall – Mississippi, USA

We had a super fun chat with Teacher Laura about how she’s been using Quizalize in her classroom, and we couldn’t be more excited to share all the cool stuff she had to say with you! Get ready for some awesome insights coming your way!

What makes Quizalize special for you?

Something that I think is a strong selling point for Quizalize is that it isn’t only a game site.  It allows for data collection on the progression of the student’s learning without violating any rules related to the identity of our students.  When we have students join with the link, we can ask them to use their given name or a name we only use in our class which protects their identity (my students used to choose French and Spanish names for my class).  Quizalize will never contact our students to sell something, nor will there be any kind of account created beyond that of the student name and activities completed with scores.  There are some sites that want the students to give more information and set up an account, and some that want to make the students pay for an account.  There are no ads that pop up during a quiz or any type of activity.  Another selling point is that any activity can have remediation and differentiation by adding videos or PDFs of more instruction. 

Why do you enjoy using Quizalize in your classroom?

I have been using Quizalize for several years, and my students love it. I originally began using it because of the ease of creating or finding vocabulary quizzes for my students. I could create just by importing a Quizlet set or by finding one made by another teacher. I have continued using Quizalize because my students love that they can see their scores as they take the quiz. I always set the quizzes up as homework so the students are able to see their progress. I have given my quizzes in other platforms but my students request Quizalize for the immediate feedback they can receive. They also like that I can give them multiple opportunities to take a quiz.  There have been several amazing upgrades to Quizalize since I began using it, with the most recent being the addition of AI.  Having the ability to add standards that actually fit my classes and have data to show my students’ growth is great. My students have iPads that are often brought to class with a dead battery.  Before the PDF print option for quizzes, those kids had to take either a different quiz or take the quiz late. They know I will have a printed version if their iPad isn’t working. It encourages them to bring the iPad to class charged.

Do your students enjoy playing Quizalize quizzes?

No student enjoys a quiz, but my students enjoy Quizalize quizzes.  They have said it isn’t like taking a quiz.  There is less pressure, and the graphics make it more like a game. They were not overly impressed with the new games, but they actually told me last year that I should keep Quizalize as our dedicated quiz site and have all of our quizzes on the platform. I have very few quizzes that are not in Quizalize.

What results have you seen in your students since using Quizalize in your classroom?

Students seem to feel more relaxed when they know it is a Quizalize quiz.  Their scores are higher when they don’t feel pressure on a quiz.  They are also proud of their scores. Although I have told them I can see their scores in real-time, they will call me over just to brag about how they did.

Do you also want to improve your teaching like teacher Laura did?

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