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Top 7 Free Alternatives to Quizizz in 2024

Top 7 Free Alternatives to Quizizz

Quizizz, widely recognized as an effective online learning platform, has played a pivotal role in making classrooms more engaging through interactive quizzes, surveys, and tests. It’s been a valuable tool for both students and educators, facilitating self-paced learning and helping teachers track progress. However, as the landscape of online education evolves, alternatives to Quizizz have emerged that offer unique features and benefits. In this article, we’ll explore seven such alternatives, each offering its own strengths to enhance your online learning experience. Whether you’re looking for fresh perspectives or specific functionalities, these alternatives can provide valuable options for your educational needs.

  • A quick recap on Quizizz: Quizizz is an educational software company which was established in 2015. The company’s headquarters are located in Santa Monica, California, with an additional office in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Top free Quizizz alternatives

  • Quizalize
  • Blooket
  • Gimkit
  • Kahoot
  • Formative
  • Curipod
  • Google Forms

Top 7 Free Alternatives to Quizizz

*Table updated in 2023

Top 7 Similar Quizizz Alternatives for Free

1. The best Quizizz Alternative – Quizalize

Say hello to Quizalize – the complete Quizizz alternative that not only engages your students but also helps you personalize your teaching effortlessly. What sets Quizalize apart are its remarkable features that fill the gaps left by Quizizz. Let’s break it down: 

All you need to know in less than one minute:

  • Quiz creations & AI (Quizalize vs Quizizz): With Quizalize, you can access nine question types, a user-friendly interface, and ChatGPT integration for Smart Quizzes, where you can create not only quizzes but also hints and explanations for each question, in seconds. Save time, teach better, and import/export content easily – all free.

  • Curriculum Tagging & Mastery Data (Quizalize vs Quizizz): Quizalize has a superior number of curricula/curriculum added to its platform, letting you tag questions to objectives and gain insights into student mastery, enhancing teaching through its exclusive ‘Mastery Dashboard’.

  • Richer Classroom Game Experiences (Quizalize vs Quizizz): Quizalize elevates classroom gaming. Unlike Quizizz, it’s been pioneering engaging educational games for a long time. With individual, team, and multiplayer modes, teachers can try various games such as Blockerzz, our Minecraft-inspired game (with a new VR version coming soon) and Hoopzz, a popular basketball challenge.

  • Differentiation at its best (Quizalize vs Quizizz): In contrast to the Quizizz uniform approach, Quizalize recognizes varied student paces. Its distinct feature lets teachers auto-assign resources based on quiz outcomes – videos for strugglers, PDFs for near-comprehension, and extensions for masters.

  • Data for School Leaders (Quizalize vs Quizizz): Similar to Quizizz, Quizalize extends its impact beyond the classroom. Its ‘Quizalize Insights’ offers comprehensive data, enabling school leaders to enhance teaching methods and student outcomes across schools or districts with easy-to-digest reports.

  • Offline & Scanning (Quizalize vs Quizizz): No need to worry about internet issues or data entry hassles. Quizalize supports offline gameplay and scanning of printed quizzes, catering to all teaching environments, including areas with unreliable internet.

A comprehensive look at why Quizalize is the best Quizizz alternative

  • Quiz creations & AI: While Quizizz allows you to choose only limited question types for free, Quizalize has so many options. You have access to a user-friendly interface, over nine different question types, more than 1 million quizzes created by other teachers, and our brand new integration with ChatGPT that allows teachers to create Smart Quizzes (with your pre-determined hints and explanations) in seconds. You can whip up engaging assessments in a snap, saving you valuable time for what truly matters – teaching. And best of all, this is all completely FREE. As an added bonus, you can import Google Forms and Quizlet quizzes to Quizalize, as well as exporting your Quizalize quizzes to almost any other platform, including Quizizz. No locked gates; you’re in control of your creations.

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  • Curriculum Tagging & Mastery Data: Different from Quizizz, which delivers a quick overview about your student’s performance on a particular subject; with Quizalize, you can tag your questions to specific learning objectives and get detailed insights into each student’s mastery level using Quizalize’s ‘Mastery Dashboard’, ensuring a targeted and effective teaching approach over time.
Quizalize Mastery Dashboard

  • Richer Whole Class Game Experiences: Quizalize takes whole-class gaming to the next level. While Quizizz has recently introduced new games for the classroom, Quizalize has been on this journey for a while. Recognizing the desires of both teachers and students, the team focused on creating engaging game formats that are as educational as they are entertaining. Featuring individual, team, and multiplayer modes, teachers can explore a variety of games, from Hoopzz, a fun basketball game, to the well-known favorite, Blockerzz. This Minecraft-inspired game has become a sensation in classrooms around the world.

  • Differentiation at its best: While Quizizz also delivers an excellent student experience to the whole class, not all students learn at the same pace, and Quizalize gets that. It offers a unique feature allowing teachers to automatically assign different resources to students depending on their quiz results. Perhaps a YouTube video for students really struggling with a concept, a pdf worksheet for students who are almost there, and a link to an extension activity on a website for students who have mastered the concept.
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  • Data for School Leaders: Like Quizizz, Quizalize isn’t just about the classroom – it’s about the big picture too. What sets Quizalize apart is the comprehensive data and report called ‘Quizalize Insights’ that help School leaders make informed decisions to enhance teaching methodologies and student outcomes for a whole school or even an entire district.
Quizalize Insights for Schools and Districts

  • Offline & Scanning: Forget about internet woes or time-consuming data entry. Quizalize allows for offline gameplay and even supports the scanning of printed quizzes. It’s a flexible solution that adapts to every teaching environment, even for regions where the internet is unreliable.

Give it a go today and let Quizalize transform your teaching routine, giving you more time, engagement, and smiles in the classroom!

Looking for something new and better?

2. Blooket: A Fun-Focused Quizizz Alternative

Looking for a fun-filled alternative to Quizizz? Blooket is your go-to choice, especially if you want to infuse some laughter into your classroom. It’s the perfect option for those who believe that learning can be enjoyable. Blooket offers a variety of game styles to keep your students completely engaged. Plus, have you explored their in-app store? It’s a treasure trove of fantastic items to enhance your characters and add extra fun to your games (although some premium features might require a purchase). If you’re seeking a quick, engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable class experience, Blooket has got you covered.

When comparing reports, Blooket offers simple and straightforward data that can provide a rapid snapshot of your class’s performance on a specific subject but lacks depth for individual student performance.

3. GimKit: A Distinct Quizizz Alternative

GimKit presents an intriguing alternative to Quizizz, redefining the landscape of educational technology. While taking inspiration from Quizizz, GimKit has forged its own path, positioning itself as a formidable alternative.

GimKit specializes in crafting captivating learning experiences that truly engage students. With simplified question formats encompassing multiple choice and typed answers, it introduces imaginative game modes and a scoring system based on virtual currency, ensuring long-lasting student involvement and enjoyment. The transition from Quizizz to GimKit is seamless, thanks to its user-friendly interface, eliminating any need for complex onboarding.

GimKit offers two options: GimKit Live and GimKit Ink. GimKit Ink encourages student collaboration by facilitating the sharing and discussion of their work, while GimKit Live introduces versatility through various game modes. This effectively sustains student interest and encourages healthy competition. The inclusion of in-game currency adds an extra layer of excitement, allowing students to earn and spend virtual currency on personal power-ups, further enhancing their motivation and engagement.

4. Kahoot: The Quizizz Alternative in a Clash of Titans

Kahoot! is a dynamic educational platform that adds a vibrant game-show touch to learning. Its lively, colorful quizzes, often accompanied by music, infuse classrooms with energy. The real-time, live nature of Kahoot! quizzes with leaderboards and quick responses can spark competitiveness and enthusiasm among students. This approach is particularly effective for educators seeking a fast-paced, interactive learning environment.

Kahoot is also investing in Artificial intelligence, and any teacher who has a paid membership can try it. While other platforms like Quizalize and Quizizz offer AI as part of their free tier membership.

5. Formative: A Unique Alternative to Quizizz

In the world of educational apps, Formative and Quizizz emerge as prominent contenders, each contributing a unique essence to the learning experience. Quizizz is synonymous with lively quizzes and engaging games, igniting classrooms with enthusiasm. Conversely, Formative presents a distinctive approach, transforming assessment into an ongoing dialogue between educators and students.

Formative elevates the assessment process, fostering a dynamic conversation between teachers and learners. It incorporates real-time feedback and progress monitoring, empowering educators to gain deeper insights into student comprehension. This approach nurtures a profound understanding of the subject matter and paves the way for personalized learning experiences.

While both Formative and Quizizz are influential players in the EdTech arena, they cater to different educational needs. The choice between them primarily hinges on your teaching style and the learning environment you wish to cultivate. Whether you’re inclined towards continuous assessment dialogue and in-depth insights or the excitement of interactive quizzes, these educational powerhouses offer unique avenues to enrich the learning journey.

6. Curipod: An AI-Driven Alternative to Quizizz

Although not as widely recognized as Quizalize, Kahoot and Quizizz, Curipod’s unique attributes make it a standout player in the EdTech landscape.

Curipod’s core focus revolves around curated educational content and seamless collaboration. It empowers educators to customize materials from diverse sources, turning traditional resources into dynamic assets that heighten engagement.

Curipod embraces the path of artificial intelligence, ensuring responsible technology integration. Designed with teachers in mind, it enhances instruction while preserving privacy. Data security is a top priority, with AI models not accessing personal information, erasing concerns about cheating. Curipod also provides guidance for fact-checking AI content and staying updated with AI regulations, simplifying AI integration for schools.

While Quizizz has recently introduced AI tools, platforms like Curipod and Quizalize lead the way in responsible AI integration. Their tailored approaches, unwavering data privacy commitments, and teacher-centric designs empower educators to harness AI’s potential, placing ethics and student well-being at the forefront.

7. Google Forms: A Straightforward Alternative to Quizizz

Let’s explore Google Forms, a well-known and straightforward alternative to Quizizz. While Quizizz app thrives on its energetic atmosphere, Google Forms offers a different yet equally valuable avenue for educators looking to diversify their toolkit.

Transitioning from Quizizz to Google Forms doesn’t mean sacrificing engagement; it introduces a structured approach to assessment and interaction. Google Forms maintains user-friendliness, ensuring a smooth shift for educators accustomed to Quizizz’s dynamic environment.

Like Quizizz, Google Forms enables educators to create quizzes, surveys, and assignments, fostering engagement while providing new modes of interaction. While both platforms have some limitations in question formats, Google Forms offers a more simple and straightforward quiz editor experience.

Moreover, Google Forms seamlessly integrates with other G Suite tools, streamlining educators’ workflows and enhancing collaboration, akin to Quizizz integration capabilities. This interconnected ecosystem empowers educators to manage various aspects of teaching and learning more efficiently, enriching the overall educational experience.

A World of Possibilities with Free Quizizz Alternatives

In the realm of interactive learning, where engagement and excitement are paramount, it’s reassuring to find that free alternatives to Quizizz are flourishing. Among these options, Formative stands out as a true game-changer. While Quizizz has held its ground, Formative takes engagement and personalization to new heights, presenting distinctive features to address various learning needs. As you embark on your journey to discover these incredible alternatives, don’t forget to give Formative a try – it has the potential to reshape your teaching approach and student engagement. Happy teaching and learning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a quick overview? We’ve prepared a few answers on similar alternatives to Quizizz

What is the best similar Quizizz Alternative?

Quizalize is the best choice for teachers aiming to save time while creating quizzes, fostering student engagement with enjoyable games, and accessing comprehensive progress reports with differentiation options.

Is Kahoot, Blooket, or Quizalize better than Quizizz?

Each platform has its strengths (check the table at the top of this page), but the best all-around option for teachers who want the same fun but with better reports on student performance and differentiation tools will opt for Quizalize.

What is the most complete Quizizz Free alternative that uses AI to help teachers?

The most comprehensive alternative to Quizizz Free, with the added benefit of AI support for teachers, is Quizalize. Thanks to our innovative integration with ChatGPT, educators can effortlessly craft quizzes with hints and explanations on any topic in seconds, making assessment creation a breeze and giving you more time to focus on what truly counts – teaching. More free AI tools are coming soon for registered Quizalize Members.

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