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Tablets unleashed: The classroom revolution you’ve been missing!

Tablet unleashed - Ipad & Quizalize

Have you joined the revolution? Tablets are taking the classroom by storm and both teachers and students are reaping the benefits!

The use of technology, especially tablets in the classroom, is becoming more advantageous and proving to have huge benefits on students’ engagement and learning. As the world of technology progresses, teachers have been using tablets as one of the main devices for formative assessments in the classroom as well as proving useful for playing games and improving engagement. This accessible, easy-to-use and exciting way to learn, using touch screens is a must-have in the classroom and we’re here to tell you why!

Quizalize and tablets

Quizalize can be played on any device and with nothing to install, we try to make our product as reachable as possible. However, it is important to note that this year, we have seen a 38% growth of our new users using tablets, compared to last year. As well as this, 64% more time has been spent on tablets when accessing our quizzes. 

Our data also shows that on iPads alone the increase was even bigger. We reached 86% more engagement time with teachers using iPads to access Quizalize in their classrooms. 

These numbers speak for themselves and suffice to say that with the use of tablets in the classroom, we are helping more and more teachers make a difference to each and every student. 

Quizalize and Apple lovers

If you’re a teacher who wants to use gamified formative assessment tools like Quizalize in your classroom, but you don’t have the resources, we have found you a solution! 

With Apple Education pricing, Apple allows teachers and educators to buy iPads and Macs at a discounted price. This Apple teacher discount is such a wonderful deal which we were so thrilled to find. To learn more, check the Apple discount website.

Join the revolution and use tablets in your classroom today!

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