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Inspiring the best digital future for children with the BBC

At Quizalize, we love to discover and learn about new classroom resources. We were lucky enough to meet the BBC Bitesize team at the EdTech Summit in Birmingham. As such an influential learning resource in the UK and around the world, we were keen to discover what the BBC had been working on. We were pleasantly surprised with their newest digital classroom tool.

The BBC micro:bit

In their bid to inspire every child to create their best digital future, the BBC have recently released the micro:bit. This is a free tool for UK teachers which seems to be taking the classroom by storm. The micro:bit is a pocket sized computer and it can be used to promote the teaching of digital literacy and skills from an early age, as well as helping pupils develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. The BBC are encouraging classrooms in the UK and around the world to embrace the undeniable growth of technology and coding language, giving their students the best knowledge possible to empower them in the future. 

These pocket-sized computers can be accessed for free, all you have to do is register and you will receive 30 minicomputers for your classroom. Teachers will also be supported with teacher training and curriculum mapped resources to build their confidence teaching with the micro:bit. Is it just us or does this sound amazing?! 

You can learn more in the BBC micro:bit introduction video!

YouTube player

Quizalize micro:bit quizzes

At Quizalize, we have around 30 starter quizzes for teaching computer science including 15 quizzes for the micro:bit and Python. You can access these below.

You can also play and assign these from the Quizalize hompage by clicking  “Computer Science” under “Starter Quizzes” or from our Blockerzz microsite.

Register for your free classroom micro:bits

There are currently over 17,500 other primary schools using the micro:bit and it really seems to be making a huge positive impact, as it can be used across all curriculum areas and gets everyone involved in coding. If you or someone you know uses micro:bit in the classroom, please contact us and let us know what you think! We are so intrigued and impressed with this innovative classroom tool and we hope you enjoy our quizzes too.

If you would like to try out the micro:bit in your classroom, make sure you register before the 18th December 2023 at this link –

We hope this was helpful. For more tips and resources, follow Quizalize on our socials. See you there!

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