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The Best 3 Ways To Make A Quiz for ELL Learners 

Looking for the best 3 English Language Learner strategies and quiz types? You’ve come to the right place!

There are plenty of online language tools out there and we’re sure they assist your English Language Learners (ELL’s) just fine. But we aren’t happy with just fine. We aim to provide ELL teachers with the highest quality and best quiz tools possible. The Quizalize goal is to save you time, provide effective teaching methods, and create engaging learning environments for English Language Learners in the classroom. Not only can you create English Language quizzes, but you can also create Math, Science, Social Studies (you name it!) quizzes, in any language you like!

ELL students are not not yet able to communicate fluently or learn effectively in English and we want to help make this learning period as smooth and enjoyable as possible. It could be that you are teaching a full class of ELL’s, or that you are teaching a class with mostly fluent English speakers and only a handful of ELL’s, or even that you are doing private ELL tutoring. Regardless of your circumstance and students, Quizalize has created 3 amazing quiz types to battle the challenges that English Language Learners and teachers face. This spans across all age ranges too. Whether you are teaching little ones, teens or adults, these NEW language and vocabulary quiz types are the perfect addition to your ELL classroom. 

Top 3 best ways to make a quiz for ELL’s!

Vocabulary Quizzes, Reading Comprehension Quizzes and Fill-in-the-blank quizzes aren’t new. Of course, they’ve been done before. But with Quizalize, these incredible quiz types can instantly create quizzes for your ELL students in a matter of seconds.

We strive to make a difference to each and every student and teacher and with the power of AI and ChatGPT we have been able to provide over 40 languages to choose from, which have all been meticulously standards and curriculum aligned. This means you can make a quiz instantly, no matter what the language or level of your ELL’s.

These quizzes are the perfect English Language Learners resources. Below is an overview of each quiz type. Let’s go!

1. Vocabulary Quizzes

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Test students’ vocabulary knowledge. Enter any topic or vocabulary list and our AI generator will create questions for you to choose from. You have the option to choose two different languages (one for the questions and one for the answers). This is great for ELL students who all share the same native language. 

2. Reading Comprehension Quizzes

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Test students’ ability to take information from a text. Enter a topic or vocabulary list, select the type of passage you would like (story, conversation, article), and then our AI tool will generate a passage of text. Once happy with the text, the AI will generate your questions. You have the option to ask the questions in the same language as the text or in a different language. As well as this, our AI tool will generate hints and explanations which can assist the student throughout the quiz. This is excellent for both ELL students who share the same language and ELL students with different backgrounds and native languages. 

3. Fill-in-the-Blank Quizzes

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Test students’ ability to understand sentence structures. Enter a topic or vocabulary list and the AI generator will create the questions. You have the freedom to edit these and re-generate if necessary. In this instance, you only select one language (English or other). This is perfect for any ELL student no matter their native language or background.

To learn more about these quiz types and about Quizalize in general, go to our YouTube channel for further tutorials, here! 

Use these 3 best quiz types to create a quiz in any subject and any language!

A brilliant aspect of these new language and vocabulary quiz types for ELL students is that teachers can create a Math, Science, Social Studies (any subject you name it!) quiz, in the student’s native language. There are over 40 standards and curriculum aligned languages to choose from, so the options really are endless! 

This could be super helpful for teachers with a high proportion of learners in the classroom whose first language is not English. The quiz can be delivered to students as an engaging quiz game within Quizalize or exported to Kahoot, Quizizz, Google Forms, Blooket and more. What a great way of assessing your students’ understanding of a specific topic, before delving into learning the topic in the English language.

Vocab and Reading Comprehension highlight – Questions in one language, answers in another!

Another exciting facet is that teachers can create an ELL quiz with questions in the students native language, but then require them to give their answers in English. 

For example, if the student’s native language is French, you could create a vocabulary quiz about the periodic table in French, which your students would then have to answer in English. Or, if the classes native language is Japanese, you could create a reading comprehension quiz about WW1 in Japanese, but the questions and answers would have to be in English. 

This could also be experimented with the other way round too. Questions could be asked in English and students would have to answer in their native language. Go to Quizalize now to give it a go!

Further Quizalize benefits for ELL students

Each of these quiz types tackle various integral learning areas for ELL students whether you’re testing a specific subject area, you’re teaching grammar and punctuation or just their general competencies. Depending on your teaching circumstance will depend on which tool/s benefit you most, but let’s take a look at the challenges that ELL students face and how these can be resolved using the new Quizalize quiz types. These are based on the typical characteristics of English Language Learners.

  • Problem 1 – Time Constraints – We know that the Quizalize AI generator is a huge time saver for teachers both in and out of the classroom. However, as well as teachers struggling with lack of time, so do students. They may not be surrounded by the English language in their day to day lives, meaning that the only time they are learning English is during lesson times. Often, the classes are large groups with varying levels and ability, meaning that the learning is a relatively slow process.
  • Solution 1 – Teachers can assign as many quizzes as they like to their class. Giving them exercises to complete outside of the classroom. As well as this, teachers can provide personalized follow-on resources depending on how the student scored in the quiz. This means that the students can feel more immersed in the language, working at the exact level they need to, even when they are not in the classroom. 

  • Problem 2 – Bored by traditional learning methods 
  • Solution 2 – Learning a language is hard and it takes a lot of time and dedication. By creating epic games, our aim is to keep English Language Learning an exciting and engaging time in the classroom. As well as this, the multiple quiz types will keep students on their toes and bring something new to the world of language learning. 

  • Problem 3 – Student Embarrassment – When learning English, especially in a class filled with differing abilities and with some native English speakers, students can feel too embarrassed to ask for help, so they fall behind. 
  • Solution 3 – By selecting Mastery Mode before giving the quiz to the students, teachers can ensure that the student doesn’t complete the quiz until they have answered every question correctly. This hopefully means that they will begin to understand where they are going wrong. Along with this, Smart Questions and Review can be applied to Reading Comprehension Quizzes. This provides a virtual teaching assistant which pops up and gives students your pre-determined hints and explanations throughout or after the quiz. You can also select personalized follow-on resources depending on the student’s score in the quiz, meaning that they can begin to tackle the areas they are struggling in straight away. And finally, teachers are provided with real time, live data so that you can see exactly where students are struggling and address their learning loss quickly and efficiently. 

Change your ELL classroom today! 

For anybody new here, we are Quizalize! We are a gamified formative assessment tool powered by AI and our aim is to help make a difference to each and every student. We provide a personalized learning approach, helping all students get the individualized learning experience they deserve. In turn, this helps teachers save time, feel more spontaneous in the classroom, increase classroom engagement and have access to incredible data so that they can asses learning loss accurately. Have any questions? Send an email to or chat with us by accessing

Use the incredible power of AI to transform your ELL classroom today. We just know you’ll never look back! 

Comment below about your experience using these new features with your ELL students. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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