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Quizalize and Oak National Academy – Gamified quizzes on every subject!

Oak Content on Quizalize

Exciting news!! We are thrilled to announce that Oak National Academy content is now available on Quizalize. From today, you can assign all of ONA’s 6,500 curriculum-aligned quizzes through Quizalize!

Bring the UK curriculum to life, with accurate and trustworthy content from Oak, and epic gamification from Quizalize. Assign a ONA quiz on Quizalize in seconds, rapidly identify and remediate specific student learning gaps in the curriculum as students enter the final few weeks of planning and preparation for national exams, and send your class engagement through the roof!

How do I get started?

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Accessing the new ONA content on Quizalize is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps and you can get started by creating your first quiz and bringing your classroom to life!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select your learning level, subject, unit and lesson OR simply enter the topic in the text box

Step 3: Access your quiz questions, worksheet, presentation, video and lesson information

Step 4: Select the quiz and then select ‘Give to class’. You can then choose your quiz mode options

Step 5: Select ‘Add a game’ and then select your whole class or solo game

Step 6: Insert your follow-up resources and then give the magic link to your class! Voila!

If there is no content for your topic, you can use our AI quiz creator to generate a quiz to suit your needs, in seconds!

How using OAK content on Quizalize can benefit me?

This brings you two amazing benefits:

  1. Let your students play ONA’s quizzes in our world class classroom quiz games
  2. Instantly spot each student’s learning gaps so you can personalize your teaching

The Oak National Academy has been doing an incredible job these last few years creating a world class collection of curriculum aligned quizzes, videos and presentations spanning the full UK curriculum. It’s a wonderful and unique resource for teachers, but lacks two things.  First ONA has no means for teachers to see students’ quiz results digitally. Second ONA quizzes are not gamified.

Meanwhile, Quizalize has pioneered two things … ground-breaking classroom quiz games that students can’t wait to play and real-time data for teachers in the classroom to help them personalise their teaching. Indeed, every month, hundreds of thousands of teachers across the globe use Quizalize to engage students and get instant insight into student learning gaps.  And whilst our AI powered quiz creator aims to help every teacher create their perfect quiz in seconds, we’ve always dreamt of being able to offer teachers a comprehensive ready made collection of high quality quizzes covering the whole UK curriculum.

Today, that dream is a reality. Together, Quizalize and Oak content are bringing you something unique and special … thousands of high quality, curriculum aligned quizzes plus amazing world class quiz games and instant data that helps you effortlessly personalize and differentiate your teaching in the classroom. 

We’re now one step closer to fulfilling our mission to help you and other teachers make a difference to each and every one of your students!

Workshops and Webinars – Register now!

We are so excited to share that we already have several workshops and webinars in the pipeline for your school. You can register your interest now and be the first to get involved in this exciting new venture.

So, what are you waiting for?! Access the Oak National Academy content on Quizalize today and wow your students with this new gamified approach to teaching your curriculum.

Bring your classroom to life and thank us later!

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