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Quizalize AI: Dr. Charles Wiles in conversation with Website Planet

Our Co-Founder and CEO Charles Wiles recently had the wonderful opportunity to sit down for an interview with Website Planet.

Website Planet brings you insights on how the best companies are solving the current challenges in their industry and how they are planning ahead for the future. In this interview Charles gives his insights…let’s dive in!

Read the full interview now!

To get all the details and juicy bits, just click the link below.

At Quizalize we are aware of the challenges we face and we know we must continue to strive to be the best at what we do. Charles so eloquently discusses the importance of teacher empowerment with regards to AI…

Quizalize prioritizes a collaborative environment where AI, years of curated teacher content, and teacher control co-exist. This focus on teacher empowerment is what truly sets our AI tools apart.

Dr Charles Wiles in conversation with Website Planet

Essential takeaways from the interview

  • Quizalize has been proven to boost end of year exam scores by 8-10% and close the achievement gap by 12%
  • The EdTech space is grappling with two key challenges: ensuring equitable access to technology for all students and navigating the ethical implementation of AI in the classroom
  • Generative AI might not capture the specific needs of a curriculum or individual students. A better approach combines existing, pre-vetted content from EdTech databases with teacher expertise to shape and adapt materials for specific learning goals.
  • The real power of Quizalize lies in the teachers control. They can easily amend and improve any AI-generated content we offer.
  • One area we are working on is combining AI and VR to provide students with truly immersive learning environments, particularly for language learning

Let us know what you think and give Quizalize a go today!

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