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Quizalize Hacks


Make the most of your experience using Quizalize with these amazing hacks. This article will show you how to use all of Quizalize’s functionalities to make fantastic quizzes to use in the classroom or to give for homework.

  • Video questions

It is possible to add Youtube videos to the questions with the following code:


The code w5GtWYGCdMA is part of the Youtube address (here:

The video starts at 2s and ends at 48s. It will start when you click on the play button

if you replace it, it will change automatically.


  • Questions with sounds

You can add questions with sounds with the following code. For example:


The MP3 file is online at this is address:


  • Open questions

You can have an open question with no possible answers given. To do so, use the code:



  • Jumbled questions

You can put words in the right order using the following code in the answer:



  • Commentaries

You can add a commentary or a written explanation following a wrong answer. If the answer is correct, the commentary won’t appear. However, it could be interesting for the commentary to be visible either way. Please add the following code in front of the commentary: “exp:1//written commentary”.

Translated by: Miss Grandemange, @MissGrandemange

Read the original article in French on the following link:

5 thoughts on “Quizalize Hacks”

  1. I am a math teacher. Often I need to enter special characters such as greek letters, square root symbols, exponents, line segment symbols above letters, etc. Do you have a hack that will let me do this? Is there any plan to include something like an equation editor in your program? I’d really like to use this with my students, but right now I’d be pretty much limited to vocabulary practice.

  2. Hello, it is possible to insert a video question quithout the youtube titles bar? I´m a teacher of history of music, and I would like to question about the name of the works of the music in the video… and that´s often written in the title bar!

  3. I have some large classes. I feel students would be more engaged if their teams were smaller. Is there a way to make more teams with fewer students each. Also, is there a way to assign students to teams instead of having them randomly assign?

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