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Differentiate Your Teaching Easily With Subtopics!

Lessons taught in school extend beyond simply Mathematics, English and Science. They incorporate a wide range of subjects to broaden students’ academic knowledge. These subject areas are also broken down further into numerous subtopics and skills by state maintained education frameworks.

Being a teacher, your job is to ensure all your students establish secure knowledge in every subject, and continue to make progress throughout their education. Implementing this in practice can, however, be a challenge because students master each objective at a different pace. Students’ progress must therefore be accurately tracked to show their improvements overtime and identify any learning gaps, so they can be addressed in class.

Here at Zzish we understand how time consuming and burdensome this process can be, therefore our product has been specially designed to provide instant insights into students’ progress, saving you from all the paperwork. Any app can plug into Zzish to create an engaging whole class game and let you instantly see which students need more help or need to be extended.

Our ‘Subtopics’ dashboard is particularly useful as it organizes student data into unique subject areas, so teachers can monitor students’ achievements efficiently.


I use the subtopics dashboard to determine which students need to rotate to what stations during a major review covering many topics. All students don’t have the same needs so it helps to tailor the intervention.”

– Nnenna, a passionate Zzish user from Texas


The capacity to map quiz questions to individual subtopics is extremely beneficial for teachers, because they can easily identify which topic areas the whole class or individual students successfully understood or found challenging. Students who struggled with certain topics can then be given additional support and those who excelled can be given extension work.


Using the subtopics page is easy:

  • Create a new quiz in Quizalize and label it according to the subject content.
  • Tag each question to a pre-defined subtopic or create your own (see below).


  • Play your quiz in class and then visit the Zzish ‘Subtopics’ dashboard which organizes your students’ results according to the specific subtopics you chose (see below).



For more information visit our help page at:

The ‘Subtopics’ page is one of Zzish’s key features and helps teachers pinpoint student progress in each subject so they can differentiate their teaching more easily. Delivering personalized lesson content can heighten student’s motivation to learn and build self-confidence, as individuals see their overall progress and celebrate their successes in various subject areas.

Do you use the ‘Subtopics’ dashboard? How has it helped you? Comment below, we would love to hear how you use Zzish to inspire your teaching.




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