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Teachers in Texas: Prepare your students for STAAR tests with Quizalize

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We all want to differentiate our teaching and ensure each student gets exactly the right help they need, but keeping track of which students need help which skill is time-consuming.

Quizalize makes it fast and easy for you to pinpoint classroom progress in real-time.

Now we are adding hundreds of quizzes to measure students’ abilities for STAAR tests.

Here are two examples of the quizzes that are being added in the coming weeks and months. If you’ve never used Quizalize before, just click “Log In” when prompted to create your free account.

Access a small collection of Texas STAAR quizzes here or click the links below for subject-specific tests.

STAAR Test Grade 8 Math – A mix of sample question from previous year’s test papers for Math.

STAAR Test Grade 8 Social Studies  – A mix of sample question from past year’s test papers for Social Studies.

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