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Teacher Story: How Quizalize Has Improved Test Scores

“The assessment app I never knew I needed”

– John H., 8th grade Soc. Studies, Deer Park, NY

Having effective conversations about academic progress with your students just got a little easier. Ask John, an 8th grade Social Studies teacher from Deer Park, New York. John has been a teacher for 18 years and has been using Quizalize for the last 4 years.

John stumbled upon Quizalize serendipitously, finding the perfect assessment app he never even knew he needed.

“I started off using it to help students review for assessments and it was voluntary. I saw the value in it since Quizalize provided data to myself and my students so I began to assign it for homework.”
John was able to take this data and dig deeper into his students’ learning gaps, giving him the information he needed to provide immediate constructive feedback for his students and laying the groundwork for conversations with parents about their child’s progress.

“The biggest advantage for me was to see who was completing the assignment and what they were struggling with. It allowed me to have a conversation with students on what questions they were struggling with and how they can improve.”

While his students enjoy taking the quizzes and playing the games, John reaps the benefit of knowing his students are well-prepared for their assessments.

“I’ve noticed an improvement in test scores and in an age where students, parents, and administrators want to know how well a student was prepared, it is helpful to be able to say you provided them access to Quizalize.”

1 thought on “Teacher Story: How Quizalize Has Improved Test Scores”

  1. It s very amazing and marvelous way to improve the sts level in learning English🌷 it added interaction and creativity to the learning process and could overcome the monotony in the traditional classes🤗 Best regards for Quizalize team🌹🌷

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