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Teacher Story: Quizalize Helps Tamaini Win “Most Valuable Educator” Award

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“Essential for assessing comprehension in the classroom.”

– Tamaini W., World Languages Dept. Chair, Atlanta, GA

Like most teachers, Tamaini, a World Languages Department Chair from Atlanta, loved teaching her students but felt bogged down with the administrative tasks required of teachers nowadays.  It felt like the need to document what you were teaching was starting to outweigh the actual teaching.

She knew she was a great teacher and her students loved learning from her, but she was consistently receiving a score of  “needs improvement” on her Teacher Keys Effectiveness System (TKES) evaluation. Tamaini knew this score wasn’t reflective of her teaching ability and effectiveness.  Then she found Quizalize.

“After using Quizalize, I was able to track the data and use it to drive instruction.  I knew what I needed to reteach and reassess according to the data. I also knew which students were ready to move on, and which students needed a bit more differentiation.”

Tamaini loves all the features Quizalize has to offer and how she can customize her experience to fit the needs of her classroom and department.

“Unlike other platforms, there are no character limitations, and this is essential in assessing comprehension in the language classroom.

This tool is great for our World Languages classrooms since we are different than the core classes in how we collect and use our data. I also am able to use the different types of questions to create both formative and summative assessments, which I use to collect data, and then have that data drive my instruction.”

Since using Quizalize, Tamaini’s score has increased from a “needs improvement” to an “excellent” which led to her winning the “Most Valuable Educator” award.  She has shared her “secret weapon” for success with the rest of her department becoming one of Quizalize’s first insights-driven language departments in the U.S.

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