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Virtuali-Tee: A Lens Into Another World!

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If you teach science lessons about the human body, then here’s something great you might not have seen before – an educational Augmented Reality experience!

Virtuali-tee encourages students to explore the human body from the inside out, bringing learning to life (quite literally!). We’ve teamed up with the makers of the app to create complementary quizzes you can use as part of any science lesson.

See Virtuali-tee in the video below or experience it yourself by downloading the free app and pointing your device at this page.

Students can use the app to take a guided tour inside their bodies, and then play our fun and engaging classroom quizzes to assess their scientific knowledge.

Combine the physical, intellectual and digital to create an exciting lesson plan for your classes – making science even more enjoyable!

Test your students on the:


With Quizalize you also get amazing insights which allow you to easily track your students’ progress. Instantly discover who needs help, what they need help with and any significant whole class learning gaps, so no one gets left behind.

Take your students on an anatomical adventure by using Virtuali-Tee shirts and playing our interactive quizzes.

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