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Simplify Classroom Differentiation With The New Quizalize

Discover a brand new version of Quizalize that enables you to:
• Assign follow-up activities that automatically appear after quizzes
• Set different videos, PDFs and web links, depending on students’ scores
• Get recommendations for effective resources


We’re excited to introduce a brand new version of Quizalize that makes it even easier to differentiate your teaching. 

Quizalize already helps you with differentiation by instantly showing you who needs help and what they need help with

Now you can automatically provide your students with support and extension activities straight after they finish quizzes. Even better, these can be tailored to their level of understanding and are sent directly to their devices.

You can choose from YouTube videos, PDFs and web pages.

It’s just one of many new features and improvements that are designed to save you time and improve student results.

Watch a web demo of the new features by Francesco Busiello, Head of Product at Zzish:

Get the right support and extension activities to students – effortlessly

You can now assign different support and extension activities to different students, depending on their quiz score. For example…

Students who score under 50% in a quiz can receive a YouTube video explaining the topic.

Students who score 50-80% can see web page to improve their subject knowledge.

Students who score over 80% can get a PDF extension worksheet, or a more difficult quiz.

With this new feature you can ensure your students get the perfect follow-up resources at just the right time – helping them to progress even faster.

We believe this is a world first and are excited about the possibilities it provides for teachers.

Access a whole library of follow-up activities

Quizalize provides a whole library of resources for you to use as follow-up activities, and it’s growing all the time. You can search for YouTube videos, PDFs and websites on any topic you are teaching.

Plus you can easily upload any resources that you already use in lessons, for easy access when setting quizzes.

Know which resources are most effective…

Not only does Quizalize help you assign resources to students, it actually helps you find the most effective resources to use.

You can configure Quizalize so that your students first take a quiz, then complete a follow-up activity – for example, watching a video or reading a web page – and then retake the original quiz.

Quizalize then shows you how much your students have improved as a direct result of a follow-up activity – so you know whether a resource is worth using again.

…and use resources proven to help students succeed

With more and more teachers playing quizzes in class, and assigning different resources to their students, Quizalize learns how effective each resource is – how much it improves students’ results on average.

So when you are setting a quiz on a particular topic, you will be shown follow-up activities which are proven to have the most positive impact on students.

It’s easy to spend hours searching the internet for good teaching resources but with Quizalize you don’t have to. It does the hard work for you, putting the very best resources at your fingertips.

Quickly find the right quizzes with enhanced previews

You can now quickly preview resources including quiz questions and answers, video clips and PDFs before setting them for your class to complete. This means you can check the content and difficulty of the resource to ensure it is suitable for your students and meets the learning objectives for your lesson.

One website, not two

We’ve brought Quizalize and Zzish together to give you a faster, simpler experience. And we’ve given everything a fresh new look. Quizalize is now even more speedy and efficient – making lesson planning and differentiation much simpler!

There are hundreds more smaller enhancements, each designed to make your life easier and improve student results.

We’d love to know what you think of the new Quizalize. Please let us know in the comments below!

Check out the new Quizalize!



Where have my quizzes gone?

Don’t worry, they are still there. Click the “+ Assign new activity” button and then “My resources”, which is at the top right of the large white box. You can even use the search box at the top of the page to search through your quizzes.

Where has the Marketplace gone?

All the quizzes that you used to access by searching the Marketplace are now even more accessible. Just click “+ Assign new activity” and search for quizzes in the box next to “a quiz about”.

Tip: Make sure you have “All resources” selected in the top right of the large white results box, and not “My resources”. “My resources” will only show you search results within your own quizzes.

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