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What’s new with you? Here’s what new with us

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Earlier this month, we conducted surveys of both Quizalize users and US teachers in general and received a really enthusiastic response. The biggest thing we learned was that teachers put STUDENT LEARNING before everything else ⁠— even if it doesn’t save them any time in the classroom or with their marking.

Whilst we already know teachers are the most generous and caring people in the world (I should know, I am one myself 😉), we think it is of the utmost importance that Quizalize not only increases student learning, but saves teachers time as well. We’ve listened carefully to what teachers need and worked hard over the summer on new features to better support you!

Each feature will be briefly explained here, but if you head over to our video channel or Help Pages you will find far more in-depth explanations and examples.

Mastery Dashboard

Teacher dashboard

Mastery dashboard

Let us start with the biggest and most impressive new feature ⁠— our Mastery Dashboards. This is without a doubt the most advanced, accurate and easy-to-use Mastery Dashboard available online! It allows you to track student performance (individual / group / class) based on skills and topics over time.

How does this save you time?

We support even more curriculums now! You can either create your own curriculum-aligned, skills-tagged quizzes or browse our range of uploaded quiz content to find one suitable for your class. Once the students have taken the quiz, their detailed results appear in the Mastery Dashboard.

How does this improve student learning?

Open the Mastery Dashboard and immediately see which skills and topics your classes are struggling with. Dive further into individual students, skills or topics to understand your classes in more detail, and then easily set differentiated follow-up resources and quizzes for students to improve. Quizalize students show an 8-10% improvement in their end-of-year exams compared to students who haven’t used Quizalize.

How does this make the platform easier to use?

Easily tracking student mastery, switching between classes, analyzing class results and extracting detailed student data are now even straightforward processes with our new dashboards. We don’t want to waste your time or complicate teaching, so we’ve made it easy for you and your students to use.

Filters and skill-tagged content

Quiz selection filters

New filters on Quizalize

You will notice new drop-down filters to help you find resources linked to the subject, grade and curriculum you teach. Choose the appropriate standards and grades to bring up relevant skills-tagged quizzes.

How does this save you time?

Whether you need a standards-aligned quiz tagged to one skill or five, our new filtering options help you find these more easily.

How does this improve student learning?

It’s important to track student mastery to ensure students do not fall behind. By testing students on standards-aligned skills, teachers can see exactly what they’re struggling with and set them resources based on their performance. The results of all skills-tagged quizzes are pushed into our Mastery Dashboards, giving you greater insight to help your students improve.

How does this make the platform easier to use?

Our drop-down filters simplify the process of finding relevant quizzes and resources for your classes.

Navigation Bar

We’ve updated the navigation bar at the top of the Quizalize website. It now enables you to easily switch between different screens while staying with the same class. Want to see another class? Just select it from the drop-down menu!

  • Activity List – Quizzes and resources that have already been set for each of your classes.  Add and edit them from here.
  • Find Resources – This is where you will find a plethora of pre-made quizzes (including your own resources). Can’t find one you like? Easily create a quiz from here.
  • Mastery Dashboard – Find out even more about our shiny new feature in this handy video.
  • Gradebook – This is an old friend. Obtain an overview of all grades students have obtained in the quizzes you’ve assigned them.
How does this save you time?

No more confusion, just simple logistics.

How does this improve student learning?

We’ve made Quizalize’s various features even easier to toggle between. Until we asked, we didn’t realize a whole bunch of you were not utilizing all that Quizalize has to offer! Have you tracked student data in real-time and use this to inform your teaching decisions? Have you used differentiation with recommended resources to target the best way to expand student knowledge? Do you know how to tag questions to skills so they appear in your mastery dashboard?

If you do do all of the above you should definitely become a Quizalize Professor because you are smashing it!! Click here to join the Facebook group!

How does this make the platform easier to use?

No more fiddling with different options and having to go back and forth to get to the page you want. Spend less time navigating to what you need, and more time with the ones who matter — your students.

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