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Helping Australia

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As members of the global community, what’s happening in Australia breaks our hearts, and we want to help out. 

We pledge to donate AU$1 for every teacher who signs up to Quizalize this week (14 – 20 January), and another AU$1 every time our Climate Change 2020 Quiz is played in class. We have chosen to donate to the Centre for Disaster Philantrophy’s Global Recovery Fund, which earmarks funds for long-term recovery, so that sustained help is given to affected communities.

Our Climate Change Quiz can help educate your students on the adverse effects of climate change, and the urgency of being more environmentally friendly in our daily lives. We hope this sparks meaningful discussions in the classroom, and perhaps even inspires a commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Climate Change Quiz – Middle/High School

Climate Change Quiz – Elementary School

Join us in supporting the long-term recovery of communities affected by the bushfires, by spreading the word to your colleagues and loved ones. They will need to visit and create a free account.

If you would like to donate in your personal capacity, here are a few useful links:

Thank you for your support.

The Quizalize Team

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