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Black History Month 2021: Resources for the classroom

Black History Month 2021: Resources for the classroom

The contributions of Black people have been overlooked throughout history, and as teachers we have the fantastic opportunity to celebrate and incorporate Black culture and histories in subjects across the curriculum.

Whether you’re a Chemistry or ELA teacher, there are tons of resources to get you started.

Science and technology

By highlighting the contributions of Black scientists and inventors, we not only amplify the their often overlooked achievements, but also help educate and inspire STEAM students.

This video for Grades 3-7 tells us about the life of George Washington Carver, a world renowned American botanist.

Over at the Lawrence Hall of Science YouTube Channel, you can find stories of Black voices in STEAM.

An easy way to start a discussion is with our Black History Month: Science, Engineering and Math quiz.


The first US-crewed space flight wouldn’t have been possible without the work of ‘human computers’ like Mary Jackson. Check out this video to explore her contributions with Grades 5-8, or share the film Hidden Figures as a homework assignment for older students.

Arts and culture

Misty Copeland is the first African American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. She promotes the contributions of Black ballerinas and has written books for a range of ages. Why not make one of her books a part of your class’ reading list, or enjoy one of her many beautiful performances together?

This article from OSCA celebrates the work of brilliant black artists, and provides some fun art activities for students to try.

English language arts and literature

Check out this list of Black authors as a way of diversifying your English literature reading list.

Or why not try our Black History Month: Art, Literature and Dance quiz?


National Geographic has compiled a series of lesson plans for a range of ages which celebrate Black History. Poetry and interviews are great ways to explore complex topics like migration.

Black history as part of the curriculum

As an integral part of the past, Black history should be incorporated into year-long learning, and not just limited to one-off commemorative events. This month provides an opportunity to kickstart this learning process and dig deeper into these topics, and we hope you’ll continue to explore them with your students and colleagues throughout the school year.

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