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Learning Languages: Quizalize as a Tool

According to the thousands of teachers using Quizalize every day, Quizalize is one of the best tools to support language learning! Whether your students are complete beginners or advanced level learners, Quizalize is a solution that can improve knowledge retention through the use of engaging and fun quizzes.

We have resources ready-made for you to use in your language classroom. Here are some of our favourite resources for the most popular languages taught on Quizalize.

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Top 10 language quizzes on Quizalize (click through to access our hand-picked resources):

Learning – and teaching – languages has never been more easy and fun. Quizalize is here to ensure every student can achieve their language learning goals, and help every teacher along the way.

Are you already using Quizalize to teach languages? Let us know which language you teach and what resources you find the most effective – we love hearing how teachers use Quizalize to facilitate impactful learning in their classrooms!

If you’re new to Quizalize, you can start your language learning journey today for FREE and sign up to Quizalize here. 

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