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Quizalize Ambassador Program – Bringing Educators Together

teacher ambassador program

Introducing: The Quizalize Ambassador Program!

We live in a generation where technology is becoming an integral part of our day to day lives, having a significant impact on the way children are learning across the globe.

At Quizalize we have responded to this increasing need for more innovative resources and have decided to take our powerful smart-data platform to the next level by introducing an initiative designed especially to recognise and support our biggest supports: the teachers that use our technology in their classroom. Introducing: The Quizalize Ambassador Program! 

Time and time again we are seeing top-quality quizzes and resources being created on Quizalize by educators, and in order to acknowledge and encourage this we would like to bring individuals together from around the world to empower, collaborate and support both students and teachers alike. 

How can I make an impact?

Our mission with the Quizalize Ambassador Program is to recognize and promote teachers who have made a difference in their local community and to support them to help students in and out of the classroom. We are moving in this direction for the purpose of sharing existing ideas and founding new ideas.

Our top aims for the program are as follows:

  • To share ideas about how to create better content, inspire young people and adapt to a new era of learning through technology
  • To create high-quality content in the form of quizzes and differentiated resources
  • To spread the word about Quizalize’s fun quizzes and serious data
  • To embody the company’s mission of giving teachers superpowers
  • To recognise and reward content created by educators worldwide 

What is in it for me?

Joining a program like ours comes with multiple benefits; for a start, it is a great opportunity to be part of a community of educators who can help shape the future of Quizalize. To recognise your time and dedication to supporting us in our mission, we would also like to offer the following:

  • Free Quizalize premium subscription for you and a colleague
  • Access to a community of like-minded educators 
  • Training on maximising the impact of Quizalize in your school and district
  • VIP access to Quizalize releases and updates 
  • Author slots on our blog and social media channels
  • A great chance to add to your Professional Development portfolio

In the near future, we will also be adding new elements such as an ambassador tier system which will give you the opportunity to climb up the scale and to reach Diamond status! Of course, this will come with added benefits too.

Could I be a Quizalize ambassador?

If you are considering this opportunity but are still unsure, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I created content (using Quizalize) for my students in the past?
  • Am I passionate about giving students the best opportunity for success?
  • Would I benefit from speaking to other like-minded teachers from around the world?

If you answered yes to these three questions, then that is the first step to becoming an ambassador with us! If you would like more information or would like to register your interest, please fill out this short questionnaire here.

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