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Top 6 Features that make Quizalize so Special

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At Quizalize we like to say that we give teachers the superpowers to personalise their teaching to every student. Our primary goal is to help teachers identify the best learning resources from amongst the millions of options available in the ether, ultimately helping each and every student progress as far as possible on their personal learning journey.

There are some companies out there that work to provide an at-home learning aid to students. But when at-home learning takes up only a handful of learning hours a week, and in-school hours are usually 30+, we wanted our solution to be one that teachers could also use in the classroom. By providing the market with a real-time, in-person solution, more students can benefit from more hours of personalised learning, ensuring that no child gets left behind in the classroom.

We believe Quizalize is a very special learning solution. But don’t just take our word for it: here are six reasons why Quizalize stands out from the crowd and is the number one solution for teachers around the world:

1. Quizalize is a virtual teaching assistant:

Our software acts as a TA, living in the classroom, observing all students and supporting the teacher with insights and recommendations on how to help each and every student’s progress.

2. Quizalize is fun AND engaging:

Our software makes formative assessments fun for students. When students enjoy their assessments teachers are able to easily implement more frequent assessments. This in turn results in more valuable data as to student progress, attainment, and learning gaps on a micro and macro level. Teachers are then able to quickly and easily implement differentiated and personalised learning to each student’s needs, maximising the progress of all students.

3. Tagged Curricula:

When a teacher creates a quiz they are able to tag the studied curricula to their content. This means that when the quiz is complete and the data is displayed, teachers can see specifically how each learning objective is performing. We call this rich data ‘Mastery’ and all Mastery Data is displayed in an easy to navigate, beautifully displayed dashboard. Such insight has traditionally been time consuming and expensive to obtain. Quizalize displays it instantly and for a low cost per student.

4. Automated Personalisation:

With Quizalize it is easy to set up personalised follow-on activities for students. For example, teachers can assign custom pathways based on test scores. Students that achieve a mark of less than 50% could be assigned activities that focus on the fundamentals on the topic studies, whereas those students that achieve more than 80% in a quiz could be assigned extension activities. The speed and ease at which personalised pathways can be created and executed is a very special Quizalize characteristic.

5. Freedom:

Teachers can use any of the 1 million pieces of content already live in Quizalize or create their own. PDFs, Youtube videos, audio clips, gifs and images can all be used on the Quizalize platform, offering teachers real flexibility and creative autonomy over the materials they deliver to their classroom.

6. Zzish Insights:

Zzish Insights uniquely shows school leaders the academic progress of every class on a daily basis – and we believe this is a completely unique functionality that we can offer the market. Zzish Insights aggregates the mastery data from the thousands of micro assessments completed in Quizalize across a district every day.  And because Quizalize uses mastery data it can update the academic progress data for every class at any time. Clever stuff!

And the best part about Quizalize? You can get started for FREE! Create an account, sign in and create your first quiz right now by clicking here. You can access the 1 million pieces of content, build a bank of curricula-tagged quizzes to share with you class and then track their data as they complete the quizzes you have set them.

And check-out our ‘quick start guide’ below for helpful tips to get you set up on Quizalize in no time:

Click here to try Quizalize for yourself – and once you have, be sure to let us know: what makes Quizalize special to you?

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