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Zzish, the force behind Quizalize, attend Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon!

Web Summit 2021

Zzish, the force behind Quizalize, was invited to Web Summit 2021 to feature as an Impact Growth Startup!

Our ‘Impact’ status was given to us by the Summit organisers in recognition of our education technology and company mission directly aligning with the United Nations’ Fourth Sustainable Development Goal of ‘Quality Education for All’. Our ‘Growth’ status categorised us as the highest category of startup exhibiting – reserved for companies who have had demonstrable growth and success in their sector.

It was an honour and a pleasure to attend under these titles!

Alice Hennell, Content Marketing Manager at Zzish presenting

Co-founder and COO Daisy Hill spoke to a packed auditorium on the original topic of ‘Democratising Education with Data’, sparking thoughtful conversations between the Zzish team and attendees around the topic of how Quizalize’s smart data can level the educational playing field, enable quick and easy differentiated learning, and ensure no child is left behind in the classroom.

Post-Summit and back at Zzish HQ in London, England, we are delighted to see that UK Investor Magazine have even recognised us as a ‘Top 30 Startup from Web Summit 2021’ – a very appreciated accolade indeed! Receiving industry recognition is always wonderful as it shows that what we are doing and why we are doing it is resonating with the wider EdTech industry movers and shakers.

For this we want to thank YOU – our Quizalize users!

Web Summit 2021 was an amazing opportunity to bring our product to a wide and diverse audience – and this audience appreciated, understood and actively wanted to contribute to the expansion of Quizalize into new and emerging markets. Obrigada, Lisbon!

New to Quizalize? Create or find your first Quiz here, and see what all the hype is about!

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