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Philippines $1,000 Quizalize Special Raffle Winner!

competition winner

We are delighted to announce the winner of our $1,000 competition is…Teacher Allene Hermogenes!

I am Allene Hermogenes and I come from Marikina City. When I learned that I won the contest I was very surprised and overwhelmed, and I am very blessed to have won this raffle draw. Thank you very much to the Quizalize application!

Hear from our competition winner herself and read what she had to say below!

Q: What do you love about Quizalize?

What I love about Quizalize is the ready-made questions. You can also personalise or customise your own assessments, and it easily connects you with Google Classroom. I can also gather exam data and results to make improvements among my students and learners.

Q: What do your students love about Quizalize?

My students love the fun, easy to access and interactive games. They enjoy Quizalize very much this way and it is why they become more participative in my classroom. Quizalize brings fun to the fundamentals!

Q: How has Quizalize helped you become a better teacher?

Teachers don’t just teach: we connect to our students. Quizalize helps me identify trends and weaknesses of my students. By getting instant data on my students’ progress through tasks I can track their mastery of the standards. This helps me in monitoring my students who are falling behind. Moreover, communications develop my students who need help, who also need support from us.

Q: Have you seen any improvement in your students’ progress? If so, what improvements have you seen?

By gathering data on mastery dashboards, it is easy to identify if there is an improvement amongst my students. I have seen that my students level up their skills and perform in different assignments or tasks in Quizalize.

Q: Are we succeeding in our mission to give you the superpowers to personlize your teaching to every student?

The Quizalize platform absolutely succeeded in their mission to give us teachers superpowers for personalizing our teaching to every student. In teaching collaboration is the key in the classroom, and Quizalize is the key! Every teacher needs another help: Quizalize is a great buddy to support teachers, and help us meet our goals in education.

Thank you Teacher Allene for your testimonial and for sharing why you love using Quizalize in your classroom! Congratulations on winning our $1,000 competition prize!

If you want to experience Quizalize’s superpowers for yourself, you can do so for FREE! Click here and sign-up today, gaining access to over 1 million pieces of curricula-tagged resources and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

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