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Teacher Appreciation: Magdalini Giannakouli (Greece)

Teacher Appreciation: Introducing Magdalini Giannakouli!

Here at Quizalize, we like to show our appreciation for our fantastic educators and share their journeys of both using the program, but also their own individual talents. This week we would love to introduce you to Magdalini Giannakouli, one of our outstanding teachers in Greece. Magdalini is from our community of private schools and owns a private school of English in a village called Koutsopodi, near Ancient Mycenae, in Greece.

During the past few years, Magdalini has been a great advocate for Quizalize and has spread the word to other teachers about how the programme can help them with their own teaching and education; many teachers have found her tips and advice crucial during the Covid crisis.

Magdalini was one of the first members of Quizalize and one of our original users who gained her Zzish certification before becoming a founding member of the Quizalize Ambassador Programme. She teaches English to Greek students using the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Today’s post is all about why and how Magdalini uses Quizalize!

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Magdalini’s Top Reasons for Using Quizalize:

1. Being able to make my lessons more interactive:

Magdalini was searching for ways to make her lessons more engaging and came across Quizalize. Not only was she impressed with the amount of quizzes, but she was also excited to find out that her work could actually triple in a matter of seconds. Magdalini has now made over 3,500 quizzes and has over 5,000 in her library which use all four skills of language proficiency. Another feature which transformed her experience of Quizalize was the ability to make her Quizlet activities into more interactive activities.

Magdalini’s students were that enthused by Quizalize that they started to talk about Quizalize with their friends and classmates- they act as ambassadors of Quizalize as well!

2. Easy to Track Student Progress:

Magdalini loves the mastery dashboard as she is able to track what each and every student is progressing in and what they need more help with. She can not only see their overall progress, but she can monitor the mistakes made on individual questions, the vocabulary they don’t know and the grammar they haven’t mastered yet! The added feature where a time limit can be set for each question or removed helps her to see how long it takes them to answer each question and how many times they need to review the content in order to absorb the topic. Her favourite feature above all is mastery mode is what she considers to be the superpower every educator desires.

3. The Quizalize Team Are Always There to Help

Magdalini’s long lasting relationship with the Quizalize team is based on their mutual commitment towards the end product. She states “the team have always been by my side and also numerous educators around the globe, especially since the increased needs during the Covid crisis; they have provided more educational tools which have helped others to accomplish their goals.”

As a regular user, Magdalini has provided many suggestions and a considerable amount have been evaluated and fostered. In particular, two of her young students asked for the ‘free text feature’ whilst studying at Meli English. The team granted them their wish and as a result, these primary school students felt heard and cared for. This led them to become even more committed to using Quizalize on a regular basis.

Recently, she has seen a rise in the amount of public schools in Greece using Quizalize too which has brought a smile to her face as eventually, both public and private sector teachers are seeing the educational value of Quizalize.

Quizalize has given Magdalini the ability to integrate technology into lessons; it is one of our most powerful tools in moving forward in education.

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And if you are a teacher anywhere in the world who loves Quizalize and wants to help grow your local teacher community, please do get in touch! We would love to tell your story too and show our appreciation for all of your hard work.

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