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3 Ways to Support Struggling Students

3 ways to support struggling students

We all know that our classrooms contain students of varying abilities and degrees of subject knowledge, interest and attainment levels. Supporting students who are struggling while continuing to deliver teaching to students who are excelling can be a tightrope to navigate.

To help support your classroom management when teaching students of mixed abilities, we have three ways to support struggling students in your classroom:

3 ways to support struggling students in your classroom.

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1. Know your students.
3 ways to support struggling students

By getting to know the cognitive and social/emotional needs of your students, teachers are better equipped to offer support in a meaningful and resonant way. Knowing what motivates and excites your students will also allow you to communicate with them in an effective way.

2. Modeling leads to independent learning.
3 ways to support struggling students

Before independent learning can take place, modeling and scaffolded support can help struggling students better understand new concepts.

One example is when teaching a new language to students. When teachers act out what the word means with their body (the Total Physical Response technique) students can understand the meaning before moving on to focus on the word, the spelling, and the applicable grammar rules.

3. Automating differentiated instruction.

The logistics of delivering personalised learning to every student can be impossible to facilitate. Time restraints coupled with limited resources can quickly make personalised learning a ‘nice to have’ rather than a reality.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

differentiation on quizalize

Quizalize enables teachers to pre-set personalised pathways based on quiz scores. You can set your own parameters and create a sequence of dynamic, differentiated learning materials that adhere to these parameters.

Students that score above 80% on a test could be assigned extension materials, from videos to prose, audio to pdf.

Students that score between 50% – 79% could be assigned consolidation materials, ensuring the knowledge is cemented in their long-term memory.

And students that score <49% could be assigned more fundamental materials on the learning topic and objectives, helping them to go over the basics before moving on to more advanced materials.

Quizalize empowers teachers to be superheroes, tailoring their teaching to each and every student in their classroom.

Give it a try today – and let us know how you get on!

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